The Clash of the Power of Katakuri and Luffy!


In One Piece 879, Charlotte Katakuri and Monkey D. Luffy fights jotos! So, one on one, who will win between these two powerful brawlers?

Discussion One Piece This 879 clearly contains the spoiler . So for those who have not read it is advisable to be cautious before continuing to listen to the reviews below.

If you have read or do not mind spoiler please go on!



The Unconditional Cancellation Effect

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Before discussing what happened at One Piece 879, let's look at the incident in the cover story.

In the last chapter, Sai conveys that his matchmaking was canceled. The reason is because he has found his own partner, namely Baby 5.

The results can be seen in this chapter. Sai was battered and beaten by his ex-fiancee. Chinjao, the former major donor of the Happo Navy group, was also nabbed for it.

But not just this incident that is interesting. Look carefully at the building structure in the background. Is Sai actually in the Wano area?

Maybe it's not really in Wano. But come to think of the name Happo Navy (Sai, Chinjao) indeed feels like the name of East Asia. So no wonder if for example Sai and his friends are now on the plains near Wano.

If so, then Sai can come first if Luffy needs the help of the Great Straw Hats. After he finishes the rest of the conflict from the canceled marriage, of course.


The Role of Jinbe in the Straw Hats

If you think carefully, actually the Straw Hats already have a fairly complete crew.

Let's calculate: there is a captain, there is a main bouncer and a vice-captain who can be firm when needed (Zoro), there is a navigator (Nami), there is a sniper who can concoct a handyman (Usopp), there is a doctor (Chopper) there is a chef (Sanji), there are archaeologists who can read Poneglyph to Raftel (Robin), there is a super quality (Franky), even there is a musician (Brook).

Jinbe survived after establishing the heart of being a Straw Hats member. But what role can he take? First, he can certainly be a very powerful bouncer. Now the Straw Hats have a Quartet of Monster with her addition. Second? He can be a mentor.

Practically the Straw Hats group is a young group, which at the beginning of the journey filled by teenagers. Brook and Franky are old, but their nature is not true. Serious Jinbe can be a good mentor. He proves it in this chapter.

As the Straw Hats grieve over Pedro's death, he manages to get them up and run. Especially since they are still being pursued.

What is more interesting that is presented in One Piece 879? Check the second page for more!


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