The Beginning of Suzuran and Housen War?


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<h4> In <em> Crows Zero II </em> 15, the Housen High seems to have an internal conflict. Will Narumi Taiga decide to keep waging war to Suzuran? </h4>
<p> Yep, <em> Crows Zero II </em> does have a manga adaptation. But for a long time, <em> fan translation </em> from this one comic had hanged. </p>
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Since now this one manga translation seems to be starting regularly, let's see what happens at Crows Zero II 15. For those who have watched the movie, just compare whether the interesting events in this chapter are the same as those you found while watching the show first.


Rindaman and Genji

Like later Bouya Harumichi, Genji Takiya happened to meet Rindaman at his workplace, the bento restaurant.

Yep, for the uninitiated, if Rindaman does not go to school (and he does a lot of hooky) he works in bento. If anyone wants to search for a duel, it's easier to find him there than in high school.

But neither Genji nor Bouya ever upsets his workplace for fighting. It also feels the right decision, because Rindaman seems to be extraordinarily angry when his work (which has nothing to do with the Suzuran conflict) to be disturbed.

Although quiet and cool, Rindaman himself has a humorous side. If the one who buys food is his rival, he often decorates the bento with vandalism trolling .

He did it to Genji in Crows Zero II 15 of this. He also did it to Bouya Harumichi about a year or two after this incident.

The problem is, actually this is not the right time for Genji to relax. There is even a matter that will be more urgent than Rindaman.


Narumi Taiga Tries to Control the Housen

Narumi Taiga is the boss of the Housen High for this generation. Yet his casual nature seems to have begun to make a number of Housen leaders to ignore it and act alone.

In the previous chapter, Matoba Toushi acted out of Narumi's will and declared the end of a ceasefire between Suzuran and Housen. This time he leads a meeting to prepare for war without Narumi's involvement.

Narumi, already familiar with Matoba from Serizawa, decides to interrupt the meeting.

But Narumi himself insists that he has been eyeing Suzuran, so he is not eyeing an extension of the truce. It's just that, as Housen's boss, he can not allow the frontman under him to move on his own.

Matoba is not willing to be asked to obey Narumi. It seems that both will duel to determine whether Matoba will bow to Narumi or not.

Taking into account Narumi has skill fighting the same level with Genji and Serizawa, Matoba is unlikely to overpower this boss he has ignored.

If you know how Housen works, you must know why Narumi wants to assert his position as boss in Crows Zero II 15 this. Unlike Suzuran who never had a leader until Tsukishima Hana's era, Housen always acted like an army, with a very clear boss hierarchy.

If they have to fight with Suzuran, then Housen must move as a unit. That too they are not guaranteed to win.

So how did Genji react to this heated conflict? Continued discussion Crows Zero II 15 you can see on the second page!


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