The Beast of Kaneki's Beast Has Appeared In Tokyo First Ghoul Chapter!


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<h4> Just a glance and maybe you did not realize it! The shape of the Kaneki monster has appeared in the first Tokyo Ghoul chapter! </h4>
<p> <em> Tokyo Ghoul: re </em> became a sequel of <em> Tokyo Ghoul </em>. The story itself has now gone quite far in which Ken Kaneki, the main character in the <em> Tokyo Ghoul </em> series, turned into a gigantic monstrous ala Lovecraftian Horror. His own form, on the one hand is cool, on the one hand is also terrible and difficult to describe-perhaps, the depiction of the closest to the form of this Kaneki monster is a giant centipede. Well, do you know that the form of this Kaneki monster turns out to have appeared even before <em> Tokyo Ghoul: re </em> begins? </p>
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If you read manga Tokyo Ghoul try re-reading the first chapter of the manga. There will be a few pages that tell Kaneki and his best friend, Hide, talk about Ghoul. Well, even though Ghoul is the subject of conversation throughout Tokyo-and perhaps even Japan-but Kaneki and Hide themselves have never seen Ghoul in person.

Kaneki and Hide begin to describe the Ghoul according to their shadow. As below:

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<p> Interestingly, if you look at Kaneki's drawings, it turns out that the Ghoul in his shadow is very similar to that of Kaneki's current monster! You can see the comparison through the image below: </p>
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Really similar huh? This could mean a foreshadowing of Sui Ishida as mangaka Tokyo Ghoul . This one mangaka is known for his detailed story planning, because he knows how to build pace and plot and to know when a manga should go on and also finish

On the other hand, it could also mean that Kaneki turned into a Ghoul monster similar to his shadow. Or … it could be, the form of this monster is just a shadow on his head? Well, who knows. But I would prefer if Kaneki really turned into a monster.

In his own manga, Kaneki's monster seems to have no consciousness-everything must be gusto. Could be, Kaneki would instead be the final enemy or final boss in Tokyo Ghoul: re. Well, rarely is there a main character or protagonist who instead becomes final boss at the end of the story.

What do you think of chapter latest Tokyo Ghoul: re ? Do you like it? Say your opinion in the comment field yes!


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