The Battle between Quinx Squad Members Begins!


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<h4 style= Quinx Squad of the CCG reunited, unfortunately, they are now divided into two camps and must fight each other. Consider the discussion Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 154 following!

In chapter earlier, Touka had fought against Mutsuki. Here, Mutsuki who is a former CCG in the Quinx Squad unit wants Kaneki to remain what he wants (Kaneki monster).

After a brief fight with Touka, finally another Quinx Squad member, who once worked under Haise Sasaki or Ken Kaneki regroup, and headed by Kukie Urie.

Urie asks Touka to leave, and hands the matter over to Quinx Squad members only. Eventually the six members of the Quinx Squad were reunited, namely Kuki Urie, Saiko Yonebayashi, Ching-Li Hsiao, Touma Higemaru, and their opponents were Tooru Mutsuki, and Shinsanpei Aura.

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<p style= If you have read the chapter previous authorship, then you will realize that the author's prediction is correct. The battle is halved, the first being Urie as the leader with Saiko, against Mutsuki. While Hsiao was ordered with Higemaru to fight the Aura.

The fight takes place because neither Mutsuki nor Aura is willing to surrender, although Urie has explained that the current conditions are different, so they humans have to work with Ghoul. While Aura can not take this for granted, mainly because of the many victims of CCG in their fight against Ghoul over the years.


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Hige tried to convince Aura, by asking, do as their friends have to fight? However Aura still does not care, and considers cooperation with Ghoul is wrong. He reminds of people who have died because of Ghoul, and Aura wants to protect Kiyoko, but Hsiao immediately beat him up.

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<p style= According to Hsiao, if he wants to protect Kiyoko, then not in this way. Switch to Urie and Saiko fight against Mutsuki. The battle between the three of them happened quite exciting.

Saiko unleashes his Kagune which can turn into giant boxing. He directed the Saiko Punch Megaton to Mutsuki, but Mutsuki could hold it with a similar Kagune boxing.

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<p style= Apparently, Mutsuki is very powerful. Urie himself does not know the number of RCs in Mutsuki's body, and it is very likely that Mutsuki has the strongest RC and Kagune among members of Quinx Squad.

That's the manga discussion Tokyo Ghoul: Re chapter 154. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comment field, yes.


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