The appearance of Prime Jiren and Uub!


 dragon ball super 30-31 "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Finally Jiren appeared in Manga <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 30-31! In Anime, Jiren does not appear in this part, besides what else distinguishes the anime and manga series, huh? </h4>
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Dragon Ball Super 30-31 has quite a lot of differences with the animated series that the authors will review here. If you have not read this chapter and disliked spoiler you should not read this article further. But if you guys do not trouble with spoiler scattered, continue!



Jiren Appears Saving the City!

 dragon ball super 30-31 In the manga <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 30-31 Pride Troopers' premier appearance is against Aragney, the controlled monster by a Drakiyan.In contrast to the manga, Pride Troopers are shown to save the city from Choki's invasion, the alien shaped like a crab.This is where Toppo comes in search of Jiren. </p>
<p> In the anime series Jiren did not appear and Aragney was defeated by a combination of Toppo, Dyspo, and Kahseral. In the manga <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 30-31 Jiren comes and hands over to conquer Choki in an instant. Not only that, in the manga the reason why Jiren want to follow this tournament is also shown earlier. </p>
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Reason Android # 17 Joined

 dragon ball super 30-31 "width =" 600 "height =" 317 "/> In both anime and manga, Android # 17 initially refused to participate in an inter-university tournament. feel the need for prize money because his salary is enough to support himself and his family.Even after Goku convey what will happen to them if lost in any tournament, Android # 17 still refused. </p>
<p> In the anime, Android # 17 finally wants to join because it feels indebted to Goku who has helped him save the animals on the island from the invasion of the dark hunters from outer space. Android # 17 also approved Goku's offer to have Goten and Trunks replace him guarding the island. </p>
<p> Unlike in the manga, Android # 17 just want to join the team of Universe 7 after knowing that Krillin also participate. Android # 17 feels indebted to Krillin because he has asked the Dragon God to remove the bombs in his body and his twin sister. </p>
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Majin Buu Hibernation?!

 dragon ball super 30-31 "width =" 598 "height =" 438 "/> In the anime Majin Buu was transformed into a thin one due to training too hard to follow the tournament Majin Buu also had time to practice with Goku. Goku was easily defeated by Majin Buu, but Majin Buu fell asleep because of fatigue and would not wake up for several months. </p>
<p> This is not the case in the manga. In the manga <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 30-31 Majin Buu immediately fell asleep before Mr. Satan told him that an inter-university tournament would be held. Unfortunately, Majin Buu's condition that will not wake up for months is also happening in the manga. This certainly causes the team of Universe 7 to have to find one more person to join them! </p>
<h4> In the manga <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 30-31 also shown the scene of Mr. Satan who defeated Cell unilaterally! How can? Check out the other differences also on the second page! </h4>
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