That's stupid! Anime Dragon Ball Heroes Officially Announced!

It turns out not just Dragon Ball Super Movie just the impressions that anticipated the fan Dragon Ball .

Announced that game Dragon Ball Heroes will also get an anime version! Check out the promotional poster below.

Poster that is very stealing the attention, huh? In addition to the special character Dragon Ball Super this poster also shows figures that have not been considered to exist in the storyline Super such as Cooler and Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

But do not expect anime Dragon Ball Heroes this will be a long series like Super . Basically, this anime is said to be an anime promotion. So the episode is limited. The story presented here should not be considered official in continuity Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball Super .

As for Yonkou Productions above, the storyline to be adapted is Universe Survival and Prison Planet. Although this is just an anime promotion, the production team seems to be combining several episodes to extend its duration.

What's more, the pre-screening from the first episode of the anime will be held July 1st at Aeon Lake Town. Hope we can get the leak in the near future.

Curious about this anime? Continue to monitor to see the latest developments!

Dragon Ball Heroes itself is a trading arcade game that can be played on – of course – the arcade and Nintendo 3DS

While waiting for his anime release, maybe you can first try out his game as a warm-up.

How do you expect about the new anime Dragon Ball this? Convey in the comment field!

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