Thanks to Kimi no Na wa, Japanese Anime Revenue Became Rp 200 Trillion!




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<h4 style= Thanks to Kimi no Na wa the anime industry is experiencing its prime. Anime revenue in 2016 reached Rp 200 trillion, you know!

The anime industry in 2016 seems to be experiencing happiness because the anime works can be dinikimati outside Japan via stream and have fanbase which is increasing every day thanks to the internet and its community that always support anime. As a result, anime revenue has increased in 2016.

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The Japanese Animation Association (AJA) released a report entitled "Anime Industry Report 2017" which examines the anime industry trends in 2016 on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. This report shows that the total market value of the anime industry or revenue from anime in 2016 a record of Rp. 2,0009 trillion (about Rp 213 trillion) and up by 9% from last year from Rp. 1.83 trillion (around Rp 190 trillion). This continues the positive trend of the anime industry from previous years which in 2014 increased 10% from 2013, and in 2015 increased 12% from 2014.

One factor of the increased revenue of the anime is thanks to Makoto Shinkai's film titled Kimi no na Wa which made a profit of 16.4 billion yen in Japan alone and managed to make a profit of US $ 355 million (around Rp 4.5 trillion) worldwide.

In addition, the anime revenue increase was caused by revenue from streaming rights streaming to China. AJA announced that anime export earnings overseas generated a profit of 34.9 billion yen (about Rp3.49 trillion) with China accounting for more than half that figure. This figure is up from last year which only produced 19.5 billion yen (about Rp2.1 trillion). This figure exceeds the record of export earnings in 2005 of Rp. 31.3 billion yen (about Rp 3.2 trillion).

The report also reports that live events are becoming a constantly healing source of new income. Live events itself has grown year by year since 2013. By 2015 revenues from this sector amounted to 52.3 billion yen (about Rp5.7 trillion). This sector counts the advantages of concerts, event anime, stage and musical drama, live broadcast, museum and exhibition, and anime cafe.

Well if you have that much money what would you do then?

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