Technology Developments Will Be the End of the Shinobi Era? This is the Discussion!


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<h4> Manga <em> Boruto </em> chapters 18 to 19 show many cutting-edge technologies. Is this the beginning of the end of the shinobi era? Here is the discussion! </h4>
<h3> Signs of Expiry of Shinobi </h3>
<p> Thus, manga <em> Boruto </em> chapter 18 shows many interesting technologies. Starting from a light grenade to <em> lightsaber </em>. But they are all new prototypes, which are only tested in the lab. </p>
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Manga Boruto chapter 19 shows the sophisticated technology that until had to be encountered by Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki.

The temporary name of this technology is Puppet, aka doll. In essence they are combat robots.

Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada are trying to confront them. However, his third jutsu can not do any harm.

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Not only that, when the Puppet decided to strike back, they can throw jutsu constantly. They no longer care about stamina or shipping. Therefore, Konohamaru jonin had previously chosen to flee the Puppets instead of fighting.

Ultimately, it is not ninjutsu that becomes a savior but technology as well.

Katasuke Tono uses the power armor function to absorb all the jutsu that the Puppets are throwing until Puppet-Puppet is hot and stops operating. It was only then that Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada could shut down the functions of those machines.

This battle gives an unhappy sign: it is the time when ninjutsu is no longer necessary to win the war. Katasuke without power armor was just an ordinary person capable of protecting Team 7 (with the status of Genin) with its technological function.

Then of course there is the closing incident of chapter 19, in which Ao decides to use current weapons rather than jutsu.

Note: Ao does not really say that, his words in the above panel were edited by the author

What if this was the beginning of the end of the shinobi era is meant by Kawaki in episode one?

The Leaders of State Might Replace the Ninja with Technology

Basically, hidden villages still have to answer to the rulers of the country. Hokage for example, has a position under the daimyo Hi no Kuni.

But if you see the conflict in Kirigakure, it seems that sometimes the village is hidden and the state officials can have a sharp difference. Chojuro and Mei Terumi want peace. Meanwhile, some officials of Mizu no Kuni still want the war.

In fact it is actually the interference of these officials that made Shizuma and his group operate and caused the death of some people.

But manga Boruto chapter 19 reveals that world technology has so developed that Kara can have Puppet to protect their cargo.

If the leaders of the state can have Puppet troops, then automatically they no longer require a shinobi. They can mobilize the Puppet, who will obey their will. The Puppets will not disobey and thwart the plan, as did Mei and Chojuro in the Kirigakure groove.

So what will happen in the future? Read more on this page on the second page!


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