Tau Nggak? This Is The Difference Of Crows Zero II Manga Version With Movies!

When I first heard about Crows Zero II manga version, the author thought it would only be treated to scenes of the movie, but this time in drawing. Apparently not too.

Outline of the plot Crows Zero II the manga and film versions are still the same. Genji Takiya was instrumental in the destruction of Suzuran's ceasefire with Housen. Housen then attacked Suzuran's students, Suzuran's students struck back, in the end the GPS and Serizawa's forces united to fight Housen. But other than that Crows Zero II the manga version gives the addition and plot reduction that makes the story still unique, even though you've watched the movie though. Here's the list!


The Role of Kawaishi Noboru Less

Kawaishi Noboru is the one who killed Makio Bitou. In the movie version, seconds he came out of prison he was immediately hunted Housen during a pilgrimage to Makio's tomb.

The incident took a long tail when Kawaishi happened to get to his junior hangout first, Serizawa Tamao. Serizawa tries to protect Kawaishi, but the tension heats up with Housen. As the situation tapered, Genji suddenly appeared and beat up Housen. The ceasefire fell out.

Not until there, Kawaishi then tried to join the Yakuza group. The group boss refused, but the Yakuza group members persuaded Kawaishi to prove his ability by attacking their rival gang boss: Genji Takiya's father. Kawaishi's first attempt to get Genji's father into the hospital, but still alive. In a second attempt, Ken Katagiri can finally stop Kawaishi.

All that incident was not in Crows Zero II manga version. In fact, the Housen and Suzuran conflicts heated up were not caused by Kawaishi, but because of the crack in the Housen High School.

Ahead of the final battle in the manga, Kawaishi Noboru met with Kumakiri Rikiya and Shibayama Hayato, who chased him at the beginning of the film. But the Housen leaders did not seem to know him.

Since Kawaishi Noboru is less highlighted, all Yakuza subplots are gone from Crows Zero II manga version. Genji's father was not shot by Kawaishi, and Ken Katagiri's role shrank.


Crack at High School Housen

In Crows Zero II movie version, Housen has since united firmly under Narumi Taiga.

Not so the case in the manga version. This version highlights that Narumi initially had lost power over Housen for being hit on the death of Makio. Then he begins to gain respect from other bosses, such as Matoba Toushi (whom he has to beat), Kumakiri Rikiya (which he also has to assure while fighting), and Hayato Shibayama.

The problem is, when Narumi finally succeeds in uniting Housen again, Matoba and Shibayama have first conspired to burn the conflict with Suzuran. As soon as Narumi defeats Matoba, Shibayama has successfully provoked Genji Takiya to attack him.

Narumi himself is planning to overthrow Suzuran, so Narumi went on course plans that have been run by Matoba and Shibayama.

Another prominent difference Crows Zero II manga version with movies you can read on the second page!

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