Tau Nggak? 6 Famous Naruto Figures This Chunin is Still!

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A genin could at least be a chunin. (Unless the genin apes each test is interrupted by a major event, or indeed volunteered to hold the rank). But after that, chunin could be the last rank held by a shinobi. Jonin is a prestigious position that is not guaranteed to be achieved by everyone.

In the end that can reach jonin level is usually special ninja like Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Sakura, Lee, and Shikamaru. That's not all of Naruto's friends can follow them.

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Okay, here are six famous figures Naruto whose rank is known to last still chunin!

Iruka was a chūnin when he first debuted in Naruto . His ninja rank also does not seem to rise from that position until Boruto .


The reason Iruko never gets promoted seems to be his strength. Iruka is a competent ninja, but in terms of fighting ability, the shinobi-shinobi are still genin in the era Naruto alone passes over it.

At least, Iruka in the era Boruto was able to enjoy the serenity as headmaster at the Academy.

Sakura Haruno is known to have risen to jonin two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War.

But based on the book of characters and various materials gaiden the authors found no information mentioning Hinata obtaining promotion from chunin to jonin. In other words, should Hinata still hold a position as chunin in Boruto .

Uniquely, this means Hinata overtaken by Hanabi. Hanabi is surprisingly shown to be given the responsibility of becoming a Team 15 leader in the Boruto era signifying that in the peaceful times the Hyūga girl that one rocketed his shinobi career.

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<p> Tenten is a famous figure <em> Naruto </em> others whose last rank is known to be still chunin. From Tim Guy, he is the only chunin who seems to fail to rise to jonin. As a comparison, Neji dashed very quickly into jonin, while Rock Lee became a jonin at the break between Naruto's <em> series </em> to <em> Boruto </em>. </p>
<p> <strong> Three famous figures <em> Naruto </em> others whose last rank is known still chunin can you check on the second page! </strong> </p>
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