Tatsuya Style Style "Onii-sama" Shiba Promoting Japanese Military!


Tatsuya's character "Onii-sama" Shiba looks dashing in this Japanese military recruitment poster.

Definitely for connoisseurs anime and light novels already know with a character named Tatsuya Shiba of Mahou Koukou no Rettousei or abbreviated Mahouka ]. Characters taken from light novel which was released by Dengeki Bunko on July 10, 2011 is indeed seen as a super student in his school ranging from champion to play weapons, champion play magic and champion playing the feelings of his sister.

Silently it turns out Tatsuya is a member of a secret military group that handles violation cases magic gravity levels. With his capable abilities he always succeeds in conquering every offender magic with various weapons ranging from true to odorous (19459006) magic .

This certainly attracted the attention of Japanese military organizations or called Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) to make the young people who liked anime join the military let alone the Japanese military condition was hot because of attack from North Korea some time then. JSDF teamed up with Mahouka and made a poster featuring Tatsuya in battle suit .

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<p> The poster sentence on the right states "Protect the present and the future" and the bigger text on the left states that JSDF is opening vacancies for anyone interested in following the military and strong like Tatsuya Shiba. </p>
<p> Perhaps because of the lack of young people in the military, the JSDF often collaborated with some <em> anime </em> which had a strong military theme in the hope that many <em> military otaku </em> or people who were very fond of the military entered officially became the Japanese army. Before <em> Mahouka </em>serial <em> Gate </em> also had collaborated with JSDF and was welcomed by some <em> netizens </em> because the story has something to do with JSDF. JSDF Ibaraki Prefectural Branch and JSDF Okayama Provincial Branch also used mascot character <em> moe </em> to attract people and the result of the increase of people applying to the Japanese military rose by 20% from before </p>
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Although there is a positive welcome there is also a welcome with a negative as when JSDF collaborated with serial High School Fleet or often called Haifuri received harsh criticism for being told to send a small child military. This is considered reasonable because the characters inside Haifuri are still in high school and appear to be small despite having a military story setting.

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