Taste 1983, with Image 2018

Been watching Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 1? Do you understand why the title of this discussion "Sense 1983, with Image 2018"? What do we have in common here? Listen to Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 1 below!

As a fan of the Captain Tsubasa series, surely you are all looking forward to the anime of its 2018 version which premiered on this day (April 3, 2018).

Apparently, there are some nostalgic scenes that appear also in the first episode Captain Tsubasa 1983. Uniquely, this scene is different from remake Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002 . In fact, the plot is similar to the animenya in 1983. What are the same?

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<p> Here, the scene of Tsubasa moving house is also shown. There is also a <em> helper </em> who helped move Tsubasa and his mother, and Tsubasa both blurred to carry the ball without helping his mother and <em> helper </em> for relocation. </p>
<p> The difference here, in the anime of 1983, there was a scene of Yayoi chasing Tsubasa's moving truck, while here, before Tsubasa's move was shown Tsubasa's incident when hit by a truck. Yayoi himself would either be a little friend like in 1983 or like a stranger in <em> Road to 2002 </em>. </p>
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Ishizaki and Senior Nankatsu Against Wakabayashi



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<p> As he toured the new city, Tsubasa looked toward the football field, and there was tension here between Nankatsu school and Shutetsu. </p>
<p> Similar to 1983, Ishizaki also invited seniors from Nankatsu from different sports clubs. They one by one test Wakabayashi, and Wakabayashi is able to handle it. Meanwhile, Tsubasa watches from off the field. </p>
<p> The difference, in 1983, was Ishizaki's escape from his mother's assignment, and Tsubasa did not encounter Manabu Okawa (and throw him into a river). </p>
<p> The difference again, here Wakabayashi has effects like <del> anime <em> Jojo </em> </del> <em> </em> other anime in 2018. </p>
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<p> Since 1983 alone, this scene has been considered illogical, but this is the hallmark of <em> Captain Tsubasa </em>. The scene where Tsubasa kicked the ball inscribed a challenge on Wakabayashi, from the hill, to the front of Wakabayashi's house. </p>
<p> In version 2018, of course the effects and images given more current. The difference here, Roberto Hongo approached the practice of Wakabayashi. </p>
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