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<h4> Luffy talks to Big Mom, what do you think they both talk about? Listen <em> preview </em> anime <em> One Piece </em> episode 813 the following! </h4>
<p> Luffy and Nami are caught by Big Mom. Currently both are being held in a library prison, and they are in a cage that turns out to be the content of a book using the power of Charlotte Mont d'or. </p>
<p> In episode 812, Luffy tries to escape from the cage, but his strength is almost useless under these conditions. Luffy is weak because of the previous bout, in addition, the strength of the book Charlotte Mont d'or indeed can not be underestimated. </p>
<p> Obviously, Big Mom as the man behind Luffy's arrest wants to talk to the troublemaker in this 'house'. Finally, Luffy gets a chance to talk to Big Mom, but through Den Den Mushi that has a shape resembling Big Mom. </p>
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In preview anime One Piece episode 813, talks between Big Mom and Luffy still continue. There, Big Mom describes the rewards she received from Luffy and Jinbei, who turned out to be the Road Poneglyph.

Of course the Poneglyph Road is an important item in the world One Piece and from four, Big Mom already has one, where it should belong to Luffy. In addition to discussing Road Poneglyph, Luffy also explains that he and Pudding are friends, of course this makes Big Mom more confused.

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<p> From <em> his preview </em> was also shown an angry Big Mom and a startled Nami. This talk brought them to Lola's problem. Nami explains that Lola is their friend, and Big Mom's Vivre Card is also obtained from Lola. </p>
<p> Hearing the name of his son is called, Big Mom is angry. He asked for Lola's location, and instead of intending to pick her up, it turns out Big Mom is planning to send an army to kill Lola directly on the spot for not listening to Big Mom's orders and instead running. </p>
<p> In a different location, Pedro and Brook begin to attack. They tried to break through the treasure chamber, where it was heavily guarded by one of Big Mom's Commanders, the Charlotte Smoothie. </p>
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