Talk no Jutsu! 6 Figures "Ripped Off" Due to Words and Spirit from Naruto

Narrated and discarded, Naruto was able to overcome the loneliness of his life and become a great shinobi. Apparently, many shinobi are inspired by the words and passion of Naruto. These are the six shinobi.

One's life is an option. The dark past can make a person fall and become evil, but can also whip up the spirit for a better life.

Naruto is one of them. While at a crossroads between light and dark, he is overshadowed by the darkness of the past that formed him. However, he can choose the path of light and even be an inspiration for his fellow, junior, and even senior.

Here are the six shinobi that changed because of the words and passion of Naruto.



Tsunade is a great ninja among the ninja-ninja of his generation. Together with Orochimaru and Jiraiya, all three were nicknamed the Legend of Sannin.

He is the only medical ninja who can offer Chiyo poison in the 2nd Shinobi World War. Tsunade also created a continuous regeneration jutsu that is sealed on his forehead. However, after the death of Dan, his lover, and his sister, Nawaki, he becomes a ninja who is apathetic and uninspired. He just likes to gamble and have fun. The proof, he resigned from the world of shinobi.

When Konoha needed him as the Fifth Hokage after the Third and Fourth Hokage, he easily rejected it for not interested.

Naruto is very upset with Tsunade's attitude that does not respect the position of Hokage. He says that his goal is to be a Hokage, which reminds him of his brother and lover.

In his fight with Jiraiya against Orochimaru and Kabuto, Naruto again makes Tsunade astonished while protecting him from Kabuto's attack at his own expense. From that moment on Tsunade changed and then took on the task of being a Hokage.



Hinata did put heart on Naruto from the beginning. He always secretly watched Naruto's gestures.

As the top caste of Hyuga descent, he is required to have to train hard but it seems he feels he can not achieve the demands. She felt desperate. Moreover, Neji, a descendant of the lower caste of Hyuga, whose age he possesses a greater ability.

He sees Naruto struggling to train hard. It has been mengirnirasinya from the beginning.

In the elimination phase of the chuunin exam, Hinata sees Naruto's attempt to defeat Kiba. Hinata used it to spur her best efforts against her brother, Neji, despite her defeat.

After that, he practiced continuously to be able to be like Naruto and useful to his fellowman. During Pain's attack on Konoha, he is also undaunted to protect Naruto who was defeated by Pain. His boldness was Naruto's example of a model he absorbed.



Nagato or known as Pain has a difficult past. Since childhood he already felt the bitterness of life. Watching the death of his parents while fighting, facing an endless war for war, and then he watched his own friend Yahiko die before his eyes.

He considers that there will be no peace in this world. And he will manifest his peace by destroying all of it.

While attacking Kohona, he confronts Naruto. When Naruto had defeated 6 of his Pain's body, he began to exchange ideas with Naruto and at one point, they could understand each other. That what they experienced was equally painful.

Naruto reminds him again of the words of Jiraiya, his teacher, of Messiah, the shinobi who will bring peace to the world. Nagato and Naruto are the two men appointed by Jiraiya as the Messiah. Believing in Naruto's words, he gave up his life to revive the dead Konoha's inhabitants.



Konohamaru is the grandson of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. He often uses his status as Hokage's grandson to be respected and assisted. But Naruto does not care about that. Everyone is the same, and to be great must strive.

Not reluctant to hit him, he considers Naruto as an impressive figure. He promised that one day he would be able to surpass Naruto.

Because of Naruto's words he never broke up to try. He regards Naruto as role model for himself to be able to strive to achieve his ideals.

Konohamaru aspires to be the Hokage that protects the whole of Konoha's villagers. Evidently he can restrain himself and beat one of Pain's body while looking for information on Konoha. However, on the other hand, he is also infected with Naruto's mischief to use sexy jutsu.

There are still 3 other shinobi that are inspired by the spirit and the words of Naruto in the second page yes .. Do not miss ..


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