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To discuss the chances of the 12 Worst Generation members One Piece becoming Pirate King, the authors will take account of their achievements to date. Of course, this discussion will probably contain spoilers for those who have not followed the story up to Whole Cake Island. For which anti-leaks are expected to be cautious before proceeding.

For those who feel read or do not mind leak anyway, please continue to read the review below!


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<p> In the manga <em> One Piece </em> chapter 901, Big News Morgans made a surprising declaration. He argues that one of the 12 pirates dubbed the Worst Generation will be the Pirate King. This means Morgans does not regard senior Yonkoans like Shanks, Big Mom, and Kaido who will grab the old position of Gol D. Roger. </p>
<p> But who is from the 12 Worst Generations [OnePiece</em> who could be the Pirate King? When viewed, the candidate is actually quite thin. Let's see! </p>
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There are many factors why Luffy could become a Pirate King. The most important? He's the main character, and so the Pirate King is his dream. It would be an incredible twist if Eiichiro Oda makes Luffy overtaken by other pirates.

Additionally, Luffy has already obtained one chunk of coordinates from Road Poneglyph in Zou. Now he's also secured a copy of Big Mom's Pongie Road. The copy is just shown to Robin, and Robin and Nami will formulate the next snippet of clues to get to Raftel.

Means now all he needs to do is get Road Poneglyph Kaido while fighting the mighty Yonko, then find the last Poneglyph Road, and Luffy's path is wide open.

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<p> <strong> Possibility: Small </strong> </p>
<p> Law is likely to reach Raftel. But not as one of the parties who want to claim the position of the Pirate King, but the supporters of Luffy to achieve that goal. </p>
<p> It could be that Law suddenly betrayed the Straw Hats and grabbed the Road Poneglyph hint they had collected. But after a long conflict against Doflamingo in Dressrosa, the author feels Law will not do that. </p>
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Possibility: Small

One member of the Worst Generation One Piece has a very prominent feat when fighting on Whole Cake Island. He was able to subvert the Charlotte Snack, then survive the Charlotte Cracker's revenge attack and escape unnoticed from Big Mom's pursuit.

Even so, the author does not see the indication he will win the title of the Pirate King.

But do not completely put this one man aside. The author reckons he'll come back later, either in Wano or even in the groove after that. Then it may be revealed he has knowledge of the last Poneglyph Road.

The possibility of one of the Worst Generation members One Piece else in the title of the Pirate King can you check on the second page!

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