Suspicious? These 6 Members of the One Piece Navy are Potentially Rebellious!


Navy One Piece is basically the World Government's bouncers to deal with the pirate crisis. But what if there are members of A.L who turned against the World Government? Here are six figures suspected of defiance, for various reasons!



The dressrosa line affirms one thing: Admiral Fujitora, who has the real name of Issho, puts forward true justice. It is not justice that can satisfy the World Government.

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He shows this at the end of Dressrosa. Without prior consultation with Sakazuki, Issho apologized to King Riku. This public apology made Sakazuki and Gorosei angry. Already in this way, the Gorosei can not do their favorite action: twisting reality through propaganda.

Fujitora himself did not like much of the World Government's policies, including making the Shichibukai deal with such loose rules, that Doflamingo and Crocodile could be used to bring suffering to many people.


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Seeing the nature of Fujitora like that, you can imagine if he was secretly planning a rebellion. He remained loyal to the Navy, and continued to promote justice, but he could have an agenda to harass the World Government.



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<p> Basically, the nature of Issho and Smoker has many similarities. They are both good people against Luffy because their profession is the Navy, while Luffy is a pirate. If there are ordinary people who need help, Issho and Smoker will be as helpful as possible. </p>
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Smoker himself has long been upset by the World Government. Especially after the Alabasta incident was twisted so he was declared a figure who handled Crocodile, not Luffy. Smoker still continues to hunt Luffy, but he is also an honest person. He does not want to be rewarded for something he never did.

So far, even though he does not like the World Government, Smoker is still loyal to the Navy. But if given the opportunity to do something to destabilize the World Government, Smoker might take it.

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<p> What's interesting is that Smoker has run into a figure who seems to be rebelling against the World Government: Kuzan. This one figure is allegedly now affiliated with Monkey D. Dragon. </p>
<p> Kuzan had helped Smoker from Doflamingo. Does he use his time to explain what he did to Smoker? If so, will Smoker follow in his footsteps? </p>
<h4> Navy Member <em> One Piece </em> Another potentially rebellious can you check on the second page! </h4>
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