Super Saiyan 2 Kefla Humiliated Goku!

Gantian Kefla is humiliated by Goku in Dragon Ball Super episode 116. But apparently Goku has not fully mastered Ultra Instinct. What happened?

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<h4> Gantian Kefla is humiliated by Goku in <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 116. But apparently Goku has not fully mastered Ultra Instinct. What happened? </h4>
<p> Discussion <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 116 this clearly contains the <em> spoiler </em>. If you are the same type of anti-leaked, then you actually select the wrong article. It is not recommended to read any further than this. </p>
<p> But for those who already watch or do not mind reading the leaks, you can listen to reviews <em> </em> below! </p>
<h4 style= SPOILER ALERT !!!


                        Absurd Strength Level Kefla


Do you want to know how strong Kefla is? Whis reveals in Dragon Ball Super 116 if energy fusion Kale and Caulifla are equivalent to the Spirit Bomb that Goku muster to fight Jiren.

Thus, fusion Potara succeeds in increasing the strength of the two girls down to a stage that surpasses both Caulifla energy levels and the Super Saiyan Kale Legendary. No wonder the ordinary Kefla was able to beat Super Saiyan God Goku.

But want to know the more absurd? Kefla's strength level was achieved at the Super Saiyan level 1. In this episode, he all reached Super Saiyan 2, making his energies even greater.

Whis reveals that Goku's attempt to emulate Kefla's energy level makes him finally able to succeed in reaching Ultra Instinct. The result? Even after Kefla reaches Super Saiyan 2 Goku will not feel lost. Goku is really almost reaching god-level in this form.

Almost? Yep, there's still a problem that Goku must deal with before he can use it to fight Jiren.


                        Problems of Ultra Instinct Goku


Kefla, even after reaching the Super Saiyan 2 level, was successfully humiliated by Goku throughout this episode. Then why did the fight last for an episode, instead of ending sooner?

The answer turned out to be that Goku has not fully mastered Ultra Instinct.

Goku already understood the basic use of Ultra Instinct to survive. Therefore, although Kefla attack him from close Goku can avoid it very easily. But when Goku attacks, his attack feels weak. Perhaps this is also the reason Jiren did not look hurt even though Goku was beaten.

The cause?

From Whis's words, Goku does not yet master the use of Ultra Instinct when attacking. Goku should entrust everything to his instinct. But as he was about to attack, Goku was still thinking about how to launch his kicks, kicks, and Ki energy.

Let's see what later Goku can realize his mistake and correct it.

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