Super Dragon Ball Story Continues to Movie!

Although Dragon Ball Super will end this March, but producer and director Dragon Ball Super -Satoru Takami and Ryota Nakamura-said in an interview that there is still a surprise for Dragon Ball Super . Well, today it seems to have been confirmed that the surprise is a story Dragon Ball Super goes on to movie !

Yes, the story Dragon Ball Super continues into movie . This is self-confirmed by Akira Toriyama through the official website Dragon Ball Movie made to commemorate the 20th year Dragon Ball Movie . Here is a comment Akira Toriyama:

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<p style= Super Dragon Ball Movie this time will be an advanced story of the anime that is currently underway on TV. The story itself will highlight unexplored things and topics like Frieza and the Saiya nation, and I think the story will be very interesting because it shows the long-awaited strongest enemy.

With the Battle of Gods, and the previous movie Resurrection 'F', and this movie, I'm the one to write the stories. I've also drawn a few things for those movies, like design illustrations. Actually I'm always busy, and if I'm not working on manga serialization, I'll spend my time on anime because I'm rarely involved in making it (laughs). From there, I hope you are looking forward to this movie!

By the way, I think the very popular Dragon Ball Super manga, drawn by Toyotaro, will have several different developments with anime and movie, so I hope you guys read it. Do not miss the manga too, yes!

Seeing Akira Toriyama's comment above, it looks like Dragon Ball Super will have ending hanging where Frieza-most likely-will win Tournament of Power . From there, it seems like Frieza is really going back to movie as the main enemy.

Another interesting thing is Toriyama mentioned that the manga with the anime and movie will be different. It can not be ascertained what the difference is, but since Goku has the form form between the manga (Super Saiyan Blue Complete) and the anime (Super Saiyan Blue: Kaio-Ken) it seems that in the manga Goku will get new and not Ultra Instinct.

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<p class= Kanji top right: [Super] movie will start ….

Movie which became the follow-up story Dragon Ball Super It will air on December 14, 2018 later.

Source: Dragon Ball Movie Website

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