Super Dragon Ball Not Finished? 4 Reasons Why This Serial Can Still Continue!


Though it's confirmed to stop in March, but it feels Dragon Ball Super has not finished there yet! Here's why!

Just entered the year 2018, but there has been quite a lot of unpleasant news that has emerged, such as Alexis Sanchez's move to Manchester United graduated Dragon Ball Super . Although it is said to be finished, but after being researched again, there are several reasons why Dragon Ball Super has not finished yet, you know! Really?

Here are 4 reasons why most likely Dragon Ball Super has not graduated yet!


Still Many Unanswered Questions

If only Dragon Ball Super was rescued in March-or after the Tournament of Power-then there will be many unanswered questions. For example, is Goku going to fight and surpass Beerus? What about the fate of the Universe that has been erased? And what about the other Universe who did not join the tournament?

Though it may be missed at the end of episode Dragon Ball Super in March, but it is likely it will be told using timeskip- the story will be cut and accelerated until it shows the conclusions of this series. In my opinion, it is unfortunate because I think there is still much to explore in Dragon ball Super .

Regarding the things that can be explored in Dragon Ball Super …


Akira Toriyama Still Have Many Ideas

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<p style= Yes, Akira Toriyama still has a lot of ideas for [DragonBallSuper19459006. This is evident from the manga Dragon Ball Super which is still continuing and also evolving-so it differs slightly from the anime.

In addition, the director and producer of the Dragon Ball Super also once said this in an interview. They say that Akira Toriyama as the creator of Dragon Ball Super still has a lot of ideas for his work on this one. Is Toei going to waste the idea of ​​this genius? Of course not!

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