Sugoiii !!! Kemono Friends Become Topic Terheboh 2017 in Twitter Japan!




Sugoii !!!! the friends of Japari Park turned out not only to master the anime world in 2017 but also mastered the conversation inside Twitter Japan so far this year.

It could be that the year 2017 was a year belonging to Kemono Friends . The sensational anime that was lifted from a smartphone game that used to be dead successfully created phenomena everywhere since its inception.

Thanks to the excitement of this series in social media like Twitter whose users are still abundant in Japan, the anime depicting the daily life of creatures that is a personified form of the animal inside Japari Park has become the most numerous in tweet by Japanese Twitter users during 2017.

This was conveyed by a Japanese social media analytics company named Hotto Link who was researching what was the most submitted thing on Twitter for an award named Ryuukougo Taishou. Announcement of Kemono Friends was delivered on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

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Hotto Link uses 10% sample of Twitter users to make the analysis. Kemono Friends defeated the word "Enjou ◯◯" with a difference of 190 thousand tweet .

The company also provided a chart showing when Kemono Friends began to be talked about from January 1, 2017 to November 18, 2017. The massive increase in graphics was seen in the final episode of the anime that aired on 28 March 2017.

Meanwhile, the second major increase came when the director of this series TATSUKI was issued by the production and publisher Kadokawa who holds the main license of Kemono Friends on September 25, 2017.

The anger of the Kemono Friends fan of this Kadokawa successfully made this anime back into viral in Japan. As a result of the dismissal of this series became successful trending topic world in a short time.

 Kemono Friends Poster "width =" 559 "height =" 800 "/> </p>
<p style= Here are the top 10 most-mentioned things by Japanese Twitter users throughout 2017:

  1. Kemono Friends (349,552 tweets)
  2. Enjou ◯◯ (159,782 tweets)
  3. YouTuber (123,600 tweets)
  4. Touken Ranbu (116,547 tweets)
  5. ◯◯ First (106,534 tweets)
  6. Premium Friday (90,909 tweets)
  7. Kyoubouzai (36,415 tweets)
  8. Hand Spinner / Fidget Spinner (34223 tweets)
  9. J-Alert (31,526 tweets)
  10. Insta-bae (26917 tweets)
  11. Fans Kemono Friends did you follow tanoshii and sugoii heard this news? If so, submit it in the comment field yes.

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