Success with Naruto, Global TV Comes Soon Anime Boruto!


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<h4> Global TV is increasingly heavily eyeing popular anime to air. After <em> Naruto </em> and <em> Samurai X </em>anime <em> Boruto </em> is ready to air on Global TV! </h4>
<p> Global TV does not seem to be kidding to re-turn on anime events like in the 90's. Yes, for those of you who grew up in the late 90's, surely can feel a piece of heaven presented by Indonesian television stations. At that time, almost all television stations have their respective anime events. Call it like <em> Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon </em>until <em> Ninja Hatori. </em> </p>
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The presence of anime Naruto and Samurai X which airs every day, proves if Global TV became a few Indonesian television stations that still care about children's impressions in the present. In the midst of the competition rating of the event controlled by soap operas, Global TV still provide educational dish that is suitable for minors in the form of anime watch.

The Global TV business also produced sweet fruit when the anime series Naruto successfully won the Most Popular Foreign Program award in the event Indonesian Television Awards 2017 (ITA 2017). Serial Naruto defeated Anandhi, Movies of Trans TV, Mohabbatein, and Upin Ipin .

Not to be missed, Global TV also thanks the viewers and especially to Navers who continue to support the Naruto which airs every day.

"Thank God, thank you to the MNC Group which gives opportunity, and also to all directors. Also to Indonesian family viewers, especially to Navers, this is for Navers everything, "said a representative of Global TV on the ITA stage.

Seeing the enormous potential of anime impressions, it is rumored that other anime series will follow Naruto and Samurai X . Unmitigated, anime Boruto is ready to air on Global TV. "And do not forget that there will be Naruto Shippuden and Boruto coming up on Global TV," continued the Global TV representative.

Certainly the presence of the anime series Boruto on private television would be an attraction or perhaps as a momentum of the resurrection of anime shows on television.

Serial Boruto: Naruto Next Generations itself has aired since Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 5 pm Japanese time and now enters epsiode 25.


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