Stumbled Paradise Papers Case, Akira Toriyama Threatened Jailed?


Author Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama was hit by the biggest tax evasion case this year named Paradise Papers.

Lately, the case of Paradise Papers is rife in being reported everywhere. Who would have thought, it turns out the series Dragon Ball Akira Toriyama was hit by this case.

Before reading further, it's good you know about Paradise Papers. Paradise Papers itself is a nickname for leaked financial documents that reveal financial data of rich people around the world. Where they invested overseas to get a low tax in offshore areas or offshore to avoid large taxes

The document containing 13.4 million large-scale financial document data is arguably one of the greatest in history because it involves the overseas assets of leading politicians and companies, as well as some of the richest individuals and celebrities in the world.

Paradise Papers itself is the second largest secret leaked document in the world after the Panama Paper was announced in 2016 yesterday.

Japanese news agency Kyodo reported on Sunday, November 5, 2017 that Akira Toriyama was one of 12 Japanese who invested in a real estate company in the United States in 2000. The company's accounting method was not in accordance with the law there.

According to Asahi Shimbun taken from a document, the company uses loans and capital to buy used apartments.

Investors claim that the profit from the investment is small because of the expense of depreciation and loss of the company. Kyodo reported that in 2005, the tax authorities informed investors that they need to pay additional taxes.

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In a separate but similar case involving another company owed additional taxes, the case was filed to the United States Supreme Court in 2015. Some corporate investors sought to reverse the decision that the investor should pay the indebted tax, but the investor lost in court.

Kyodo and Asahi Shimbun tried to contact Toriyama for his comment on tax evasion case, but he could not respond because he was busy and had a busy schedule.

CEO of cosmetics company Ci: Z Holdings, Yoshinori Shirono also became one of the investors of the investment. Asahi Shimbun had contacted Ci: Z Holdings but the company was reluctant to comment.

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