Strong and Destructive, This is the 5 Greatest Mass Destruction Jutsu in Naruto


Collection jutsu this can destroy a village, a group of people, even one forest easily. Here are 5 jutsu the greatest mass destruction in Naruto

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Many weapons of mass destruction are developed and used as weapons of war. Likewise that happened in the manga anime Naruto . Many use jutsu mass destruction to destroy the enemy and avenge his past. As a result, not a few people who become victims and the village was destroyed made. This is the 5 jutsu the greatest mass destruction in Naruto


Shinra Tensei

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<p> User: Nagato </p>
<p> <em> This </em> Jutsu has an enormous explosive force and has been used by Nagato when attacking Konoha. Nagato, known by the name Pain, used that <em> jutsu </em> to destroy the entire city of Konoha in one attack. This jutsu manipulates the chakra into a very explosive and devastating pressure. In one attack, Pain succeeded in destroying the village of Konoha. </p>
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<p class= Tengai Shinsei

User: Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha uses this jutsu to destroy his enemy during the Fourth Ninja World War. This jutsu is capable of lowering a very large meteoroit to be dropped where the user wants it.

While bumping with the mainland, the explosive effect is enormous. Evidently Tengai Shinsei Madara can wipe out many members of the Fourth Division and make it difficult for Onoki to stop him. When one meteorite is stopped, Madara can lower another meteorite.



User: Biju and Jinchuriki

From the beginning, the power of Biju was immeasurable. It is not surprising that many parties fight for Biju to increase personal and group power.

One of the strengths of the biju is to issue a Bijudama attack, otherwise known as Tailed Beasts Ball . The Biju or Jinchuriki compresses chakra in the form of a sphere to be ready to be fired at the target. The attack can be spherical chakra giant, shot, or very terrible waves.

Its destructive power is immense. The attack will destroy all the objects it passes. Naruto once used a small-scale Bijudama as he burst his anger at Orochimaru and in fact made Orochimaru very overwhelmed. The Kyubi attack on Konoha also proves the Bijudama attack has a very explosive effect.


Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu

User: Onoki and Mu

This old grandfather had jutsu another terrible destruction. Onoki can manipulate his chakra into a very dangerous explosion.

He first made a large or small room where the explosion occurred, to limit the explosive space. Then he will activate the jutsu and make a very powerful explosion.

Jutsu this can destroy an even larger island. In addition, this jutsu was also used by Onoki to destroy the infamously famous Susanoo Madara. It should be admitted jutsu this is great.



User: Deidara

Not inferior to jutsu Genkai Hakuri belongs to Onoki, this jutsu has a larger warhead than him. The user, Deidara, dubbed him the ultimate jutsu and also the highest art of explosion.

In essence, he will give the explosive clay to be consumed by his mouth on his body. The clay will flow with the chakra inside his body and make an enormous explosive reaction. In his fight with Sasuke, C0 can blow up an entire forest all at once, although Sasuke's unique is not killed in this attack. C0 can reach the 10 kilometer blast area. It's really great.

Well, that's the 5 jutsu mass destruction that exists in the manga anime Naruto . Do you agree? Some of jutsu succeeded in destroying the target chosen by the user. It is very dangerous indeed jutsu jutsu especially if used by the wrong hand.

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