Strategy Bird Cages From Shutetsu!

What will be the match line between the Nankatsu team against Shutetsu's team at Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 7? Will Nankatsu win? Or maybe Shutetsu who came out as champion?

In Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 6, we see a match between the Nankatsu team and Shutetsu that just started in mid-sixth episode.

From that match, will there be anything going on in the next episode? Let's discuss in preview Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 7 below!

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<p> Although there is Tsubasa, it does not necessarily make the Nankatsu team can win easily when facing the Shutetsu team. </p>
<p> After all, Shutetsu's team is like having a great player in an important position. </p>
<p> Examples of players like Shingo Takasugi as defender, midfielder Mamoru Izawa, two attacking players are Teppei Kisgui and Hajimme Taki, while in the goalkeeper's own goal is Wakabayashi the captain and goalkeeper genius. </p>
<p> Of course they are not easy to break into, and make Nankatsu players overwhelmed. Although Nankatsu players also managed to score the numbers. </p>
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<p> While leading a point, Shutetsu's team unleashes their flagship technique, the Bird Cage Strategy. </p>
<p> Actually, this strategy is perfectly normal in football, but for some spectators who watch it, they consider Shutetsu's team to win unfairly. </p>
<p> Why is it unfair? The Shutetsu player will play a ball around the opposing player, and not let the opposing player take his ball. </p>
<p> Of course the goal is not to score again, but just to gain time, and to play with the opponent. Since the opponent is trapped in this strategy, he can not do anything, and is called the Bird Cage Strategy. </p>
<p> In this strategy, Wakabayashi is actually afraid of being tampered with by Tsubasa, therefore he prefers to gain time to win. As a result, later Wakabayashi will receive the consequences. </p>
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