Strange, Naruto's Statistics Show That Its Weak Strength in Boruto Series!


You think power level in Dragon Ball Super messed up? Power level in this Boruto series is even more chaotic! Naruto's stats become weak, you know!

One of the most difficult things to keep consistent in a shounen series is power level or the power level of the characters in it. Sometimes, there's an A character that wins against B, and B wins against C, but for no less powerful reason A could lose to C.

Perhaps a series that is being popular and much criticized for being inconsistent today is Dragon Ball Super. In Dragon Ball Super alone, many fans are questioning the consistency power level of the existing characters.

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For example, such as how Zamasu can match the power of Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, or how Kefla is in fact not Super Saiyan God but can push Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

Well, if you think that power level in Dragon Ball Super is a mess, then you should see the stats of the power of the ninja in Boruto series . You need to know, that this statistic is official because it is inserted into the manga unit Boruto .

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In it, there are weirdness or inconsistencies that I mean. But before we get into the discussion, you may need to look at these statistics first:

Characters Intelligence Negotiations Dexterity Strength Perception Chakra Average
Sasuke 100 142 165 130 165 200 150.3
Sarada 145 160 130 160 140 150 147.5
Mitsuki 165 150 140 130 123 ? 141.6
Shikamaru 210 130 133 115 160 100 141.3
Moegi 130 140 160 70 180 126 134.3
Sakura 100 155 140 100 133 173 133.5
Naruto 90 170 160 110 120 ? 130
Shikadai 180 130 112 90 145 120 129.5
Konohamaru 100 120 150 160 140 100 128.3
Inojin 100 120 126 80 160 140 121
Boruto 90 90 160 120 90 140 115
Chocho 70 110 120 150 80 145 112.5

Naruto's statistics above do not count the Sage Mode he has. In other words, use only base or its power base only. In addition, the chakra he has also not included and just written '?' Like Mitsuki. However, you can see that the average is very low for a Hokage.

Yes, Naruto is ranked seventh strongest character Boruto so far! In fact, if we look at the history of Naruto, Naruto should be at least equivalent or even higher than Sasuke. Is not it so?

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Strangely, again Mitsuki is also written '?' On his chakra (since he controls Senjutsu as well), has a higher power than Naruto.

Then there are some more things that I think are somewhat misses from the stats of Naruto and these other ninjas. Is that? Continue to page 2!


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