Stomach, Kirito's Original Name Turns NARUTO!


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<h4 style= Not Kirigaya Kazuhito, nor write the title wrong. Apparently indeed Kirito's real name is Naruto, you know! This is the scientific explanation!

Who does not know Kirito? The super-perfect character is so annoying it infuses the otaku and children out there who rarely outdoors or socialize dreaming for owning harem being a pro gamer. But, do you know that the name of this three-haired character is not Kirito?

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For those of you who have watched the Sword Art Online series, you already know that Kirito's name is actually his name as a player in the various games online he played. Kirito's own name actually stands for Bankai original: KIRIgaya kazuTO.

Well, it turns out Kirigaya Kazuto own name is actually not the real name Kirito, you know! Then who is dong?

In order to satisfy the thirst of fans incest out there, it is narrated that Kirito has an adoptive sister named Kirigaya Suguha. Well, arguably not incest is also really, since both are actually "cousins" ( semi-incest ?)

Ok, apart from incest or not, it is told that Kirito came from another family. Like an exchange son, this Kirito is from the Narusaka family. Thus, the name Bankai- was originally Narusaka Kazuto. This itself is expressed in the prolog arc the latest of Sword Art Online entitled Unital Ring.

Now, we come back again flashback to the previous few paragraphs. I previously mentioned that the dream character victorious ancol the otaku has the name in-game Kirito derived from KIRIgaya kazuTO.

Well, after it is known that his real name is Narusaka Kazuto, using the same "formula", we can get the in-game name actually as follows:

NARUsaka kazuhiTO


By gods … a fantastic discovery!

Naruto is currently a lot orderan. Like Naruto Uzumaki is busy with his duties as Hokage, Naruto has recently appeared in various games Sword Art Online such as Accel World vs. Sword Art Online and Fatal Bullet.

In addition to appearing in various games, Naruto is also busy filming for the third season of anime Sword Art Online who adapted the arc Alicization while adding a collection to his harem gallery. I do not protest if Naruto wants to add his collection, as long as Dark Magician Girl does not touch him.

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale is rumored to be nominated for an Oscar nomination in 2018. How did his story Ordinal Scale be included in an Oscar nomination in 2018 itself remains a mystery yet solved to date. But at least, Ordinal Scale is much nicer than Emoji Movie or Rafathar .

Well, where do I know I'm a pencurry …


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