Still Single? Six Ghost Girls Suitable To Stay In The Night Halloween


 ghost girl "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> Still a singles on Halloween Night? Six beautiful ghost girls may be suitable to accompany you in the night of the ghosts Want to know who they are? <em> Check these out! </em> </h4>
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Meiko Honma or often called Menma is a ghost who shows himself to Jinta to fulfill goals that have not been achieved during his lifetime. While still a human being, Menma was once part of a gang of Super Peace Busters before he died in an accident.

She is a very cheerful girl and easy-going. Being kind and often worried about his friends especially in Jinta. Menma has a very childish personality that has not changed despite being a ghost though. Despite being a ghost, he still loves curry rice.

Although often surrounded by his friends, Menma is easy to feel lonely and annoyed. It is seen when he visits his family and knows that he is not part of his family. Since Jinta can only be seen, he can only communicate with others through his notebooks only.


Nanana Ryuugajou

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Want a ghost that can be invited to play games together? Nanana could be the right choice. This ghost girl is a NEET ( Not Educated, Employed, or in Training ) acute and likes to laze around in the room. But behind the laziness, it turned out that Nanana was once an adventurer who managed to find a legendary treasure.

This lavender-haired girl is one of the Great Seven members who discovered Nanae Island. Among the members of the Great Seven, Nanana was the one who arranged all the adventurers to locate the ruins of the island. The treasure he found was rumored to be worth more than trillions of yen. Unfortunately when almost reaching his dream, Nanana was killed by someone and could not ascend to heaven before knowing who the killer was.

During a ghost, Nanana continues to live in a boarding room and can not leave her a day. He spends his time playing games or eating pudding that Juugo buys. If he is bored, Nanana will tempt Juugo or help him while dealing about the treasure.

As a ghost, Nanana has the ability to compact or make his body penetrate anything. He often used it when he was playing with Juugo.

Two ghost girls in rank three and four alike have to undergo the same destiny due to a tragic ending. What are they like? Click next page!


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