Still mysterious! 5 Things That Have not Been Revealed Since Naruto Until Boruto!

There are still many corners of the world Naruto ripe to be traced, even in the era of Boruto Uzumaki as the main character though!

One by one the secrets of the ninja world hanging in the ninja world were immediately revealed until the end of the father's lunge, Naruto saved the world with his friends!

But of course with a new point of view is not necessarily solve the old secrets. In fact, when various figures Naruto who are now growing up actually even born new secrets that are still buried since the previous series!

Is it possible, we who have enjoyed this series from the first not yet aware with these secrets before? Find five of the many things that still hang not yet been revealed in Boruto below!

The emergence of the Jonni version of Moegi who knew the wood-element jutsu was surely surprising, even for the fans who have followed this series since Naruto!

No wonder Konohamaru trio will soon grow up to become Jonin who trains new generations in Naruto's reign as the Seventh Hokage, but especially for Moegi, his background instantly becomes a purely new mystery with the wooden element jutsu he mastered!

Has the Kazamatsuri family been closely related to the Senju clan, who became the master of this element? Or did Moegi receive the clan's blood implants like Yamato's former Anbu? What is clear, the story Boruto does not look so interested in exploring this new anomaly!

Kakashi's father was only made clear as a tragic fallen legend, but he was never explained significantly how such a figure could be recognized as equivalent to the Sannin by alone!

Sakumo gets his nickname from the chakra sword he uses, and the important story of how he became the most feared figure by the Iwagakure people was not explained.


With the mere rumor and killing of Sasori's parents, the ninja world is less evident to prove this Kakashi Hatake's father as the relevant major person in Konohagakure's history as he is rumored to be!

What else is the mystery yet to be revealed next in this ninja world? Check out the sequel to the next page!

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