Steady! These 7 Superb Shinobi Successfully Surpass Their Teachers

Which one are you right? "A disciple will not exceed his teacher" or "the young will rule the world". The manga anime Naruto shows that some disciples can go beyond the ability of the teacher in various ways and effort. These are the 7 great shinobi who managed to get past their teachers' abilities.



Kabuto is indirectly a student of Orochimaru, although he is actually only an assistant or a maid of Orochimaru in doing research or spying activities. Kabuto's ability does not look great at the start of the manga anime Naruto . He can only fight a draw with Naruto when the three Sannin must reunite.


However, Kabuto makes every opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. He did not waste the opportunity to be an assistant to a shinobi genius. The climax was that after Orochimaru was killed in Sasuke's hands, he injected Orochimaru's blood into his body and made him able to master Sage Mode.

Kabuto is one of the initiators of the breakup of the Fourth Shinobi World War through the massive Edo Tensei he did. Since then, Kabuto is no longer underestimated. He can even be said to have passed the achievements of Orochimaru in doing mischief.



Konan is one of the war victims who fought alongside his two friends, Nagato and Yahiko. He has a unique jutsu, paper control, can manipulate paper into deadly weapons, such as shuriken.

Not many people admire Konan's potential as a shinobi, since Konan is not given a chance to fight massively. However, Konan's ability to fight very well and can be said to exceed Jiraiya.

In addition to his physical fighting, Konan has the cleverness in analyzing jutsu and situations, making it easier to exterminate his enemies. When Konan fights Tobi, he shows his ability to analyze the situation and jutsu between Tobi's time, even though Tobi is destined to win.



Nagato is one of the Amegakure orphans cared for by Jiraiya. After the second Shinobi World War was over, Nagato with Yahiko and Konan were raised by Jiraiya as teachers and students. Since then Nagato's ability began to grow rapidly.

Unfortunately, the greatness that Nagato possesses after receiving a mentor and teachings from Jiraiya is on the wrong path. Nagato used his power to destroy the village of Konoha, killing many people for the sake of a false goal of revenge.

Nagato with his Deva Path succeeded in destroying the Konoha village, killing Hinata, though later resurrected, as well as many other shinobi. His abilities are beyond measure. Even Nagato managed to kill Jiraiya, the teacher. It shows that Nagato transformed into a great shinobi.

Two other shinobi that surpass the teacher can you check on the second page!

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