Stating His Feelings About Boruto, Sumire Reveals "War" Against Sarada in Boruto Chapter 19! (SPOILER)


Sarada can be a rival! Sumire also has feelings for Boruto! Here is spoiler manga Boruto Chapter 19!

While the anime Boruto is still dwelling on Boruto's graduation into a genin and preparing for the Chuunin exam, the manga Boruto has gone far enough. As of this writing, manga Boruto itself has passed Momoshiki arc . Well, now there is something interesting in manga Boruto chapter 19: Sumire declares "war" against Sarada!

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Of course, it is not a war of fighting falling out or jutsu, but war … feeling. Oh, for those of you who do not know manga Boruto chapter 18 recounts a visit to Katasuke's lab. There, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki also met with Sumire. Afterwards, they performed various expressions using the tools of Professor Katasuke.

Well, on Boruto chapter 19 circulated online about one and a half pages long. On the page it is shown that Sarada and Sumire are talking about Boruto. Here is a page spoiler from Boruto chapter 19 in circulation online :

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<p style= Their conversations if roughly interpreted may be this:

Sumire: "So you do not care about Boruto?"

Sarada: "Ha? Nah. "

Sumire: "Is that so …? If I do care. "

Sarada: "What?"

This page itself is closed with a sweet flicker of Sumire where Sarada is called by Boruto to carry on the next mission. And Sarada seemed to be thinking with what Sumire said. It seems that in the future Sarada will get a heavy rival in the form of Sumire in getting the heart of Boruto. Haha!


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For you who read manga Boruto you must know that lately the manga Boruto is like showing hint if Sarada starts to like Boruto. It seems that romance in manga Boruto will be more pronounced than romance in Naruto huh?

On the other hand, Sumire himself since his appearance in the anime Boruto much to the fan's attention. In an instant, not a few fans who like the character of this class leader-not to mention an attractive appearance and feel similar to Hinata.

Well, you yourself enter team Sumire or team Sarada nih? Haha!


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