Starting from Sadistic to Cute, Acquaintance Yuk same 5 Unique Chick in Anime Blend S!


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<h4 style= Need a light anime show that lifted the concept of comedy and romance ? Blend S is one of the anime in this Fall season that you can watch. Let's check out the interesting characters in this article!

Blend S is an anime that just aired in the fall of 2017. The anime is lifted from a 4-panel comic created by Miyuki Nakayama and the theme of a maid cafe that has employees with different personalities.

The main character of this anime named Maika Sakuranomiya, a high school student who is looking for a second job. Many times he applied for a job but always rejected because of his horrible smile.

However one day, he met with Dino, a cafe manager who came from Italy. Dino also offers a job for Maika as a waitress in the cafe and the offer is received by Maika immediately.

Apparently, this cafe named Stile has a very unique concept in which every waiter must have their own characteristics. Maika also get the role as a sadist.

In addition to Maika, there are still 4 servants in this maid cafe which has unique properties. Let's get acquainted with them one by one!


Maika Sakuranomiya

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<p style= Maika Sakuranomiya is the main female character in the anime Blend S . He is a 16 year old high school student who has a cheerful nature and positive thinking . Yet many people are afraid of his appearance because he looks very sadistic when he smiles.

He had a dream to move abroad using his own money, even though he was born into a rich family. Maika hesitated to her family if she moved abroad using her parents' money. Unfortunately because of his sadistic appearance, no place would accept him as their employee.

Until one day he met with Dino, a cafe manager who was looking for a waiter. He offered the job to Maika and was immediately accepted by Maika who had begun to despair of finding a job.

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<p style= Although Dino has explained to Maika that Maika's sadistic nature is indispensable in this cafe, Maika often feels uncomfortable with her customers. In fact, not a few customers of this cafe who have its own pleasure if received sadistic treatment from Maika.


Kaho Hinata

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<p style= Kaho Hinata is a Stile cafe employee who plays a tsundere . The word tsundere alone has a meaning in which a person has a cold or even harsh nature toward others, but in fact he is very kind. If in Indonesia may be categorized as someone who sell expensive.

Kaho's original nature is very cheerful and he really likes to play games, be it games mobile games console or even games arcade . His passion for this game often makes it difficult to keep image tsunderenya, because when there are customers who discuss the game, he will immediately enthusiastic to join them.

Often Kaho is implied to have an interest in Koyo Akizuki, a chef who also works at Stile's cafe. The relationship between them gets closer when Kaho finds out Akizuki is playing the same game with him. Unfortunately in front of Akizuki, Kaho can not speak honestly when he feels ashamed and expels his tsundere nature.

It can be said that Kaho's character is the most favorite character among waitress others in Stile's cafe because of her nature and also her sexy body. Even whenever he plays the game arcade, there are so many spectators clustered behind him.


Mafuyu Hoshikawa

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<p style= Character Blend S This one is not less interesting with other characters. Mafuyu has a childlike appearance, but in fact he is 20 years old and is in college.

Certainly you can guess by this childlike appearance, she plays the character of a younger sister. Not a few of his cafeteria customers like this one character because Mafuyu always calls them as onii-san or onii-chan using spoiled tones.

But in truth, Mafuyu has an adult nature and rarely shows his emotions. He has a brother who is taller than him, but actually he always wanted to have a younger sister.

Although he does not want to include Kaho into his list of dream sisters, he does not hesitate to help Kaho in his poor school lessons.

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