Stage Play GANTZ: L Unleashes Cool Visual and Video Characters!

 Stage Play GANTZ: L "title =" news_xlarge_gantzlogo – Stage Play GANTZ: L Unleashes Cool Visual and Video Characters!

Official site for GANTZ stage play: L Ace & Action Stage, adaptation of manga by Hiroya Oku releases a new Trailer and teaser. The cast uses costumes and shows some pretty cool videos and immediately wants to go to Japan to watch this show!

Newly announced player:

  • Ray Fujita as Makoto Yano (Original carrot)
  • Fuminori Murase as Minoru Sakamoto (Original character)
  • Tatsuya Kageyama as Osamu Koike (Original character)
  • Kaiki Ohara as Koichi Takahashi (Original character)

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<p> Earlier, has been announced several such figures: </p>
<li> Hiroki Hyakuna as Kei Kurono </li>
<li> Kensuke Takahashi as Masaur Kato </li>
<li> Nana Asakawa as Kei Kishimoto </li>
<li> Yuki Kubota as Shion Izumi </li>
<li> Hisanori Sato as Joichiro Nishi </li>
<p> The Stage play will feature 12 shows from January 26, 2018 to February 4, 2018 at The Galaxy Theater in Tokyo with Katsuhide Suzuki becoming the stage play director. Hopefully there will be screening yes in Indonesia * – *) mimin hope really! </p>
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