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<p><em> <em> <em> Hikari, </em> a comic project <em> Virtual Reality </em> made by Square Enix at the 19459004 New York Comic Con </h3>
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Virtual Reality as a gaming platform made many developers to try various kinds of entertainment to be featured into the VR, including Square Enix featuring a comic project Virtual Reality which they display on New York Comic Con .

Not only in the realm gaming Square Enix is ​​basically also a publisher for comics. It is no wonder that Square has finally brought an idea to combine comics with the essence of virtual reality .

But before the idea was realized, Project Hikari was sparked. The project was used as a research to create comics combined with VR.

[194590] At the 19459004 New York Comic Con event (19459005) or abbreviated as NYCC, Square Enix presents one of the comic demos Virtual Reality entitled Tales of Wedding Rings VR . ]

This one comic is adapted from the same title, but is reconstructed into a VR. Sure, one could just put a snapshot of the comic and put it into a VR, but Square Enix is ​​not half-baked in the process.

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<p> In the comic, classic coloring is shown, as do comics in general. But wait, if <em> view </em> on the VR is moved, it will be seen that <em> background </em> and the displayed character are not the embedded two dimensional images. Overall shown on the VR is a three-dimensional model that moves like 3D animations in general. </p>
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