Spoiler Dragon Ball Picture Super Episode 131 Show Victory Universe 7!?

The fate of Universe 7 is determined in the Tournament of Power which will end on episode 131 later. After preview and a previous synopsis said that Goku was thrown out of the arena despite fighting Jiren, but there was still one other fighter from Universe 7 who survived above the arena. Yes, the fighter is none other than Frieza!

Well, some time ago, there was a picture of preview from Dragon Ball Super episode 131. In the picture preview Goku and Frieza were shown shouting together. Goku himself appears in his normal form, while Frieza in is no longer in his Golden form . Here is the image in question:

From the picture above, it seems that Goku and Frieza are hand in hand against Jiren who must have been exhausted after fighting Ultra Instinct Goku. Why, instead of Goku already out of the arena?

If you read my previous article which also discusses the [Dragon Ball Super] episode 131, there I explain that although Goku is called thrown out of the arena, but it has not been mentioned that he has lost.


On the other hand, though it can not fly, but Goku himself still has a trick to return to the top of the arena: Instant Transmission . Now, with that stance, Goku will return to the top of the arena while Jiren's attention is distracted by Frieza. Upon returning in the arena, Goku and Frieza also work together to defeat Jiren.

This, though the theory, is reinforced by the episode 131 synopsis in which there is a phrase, "Who is the MVP ( most valuable player ) in this tournament?". The sentence could indicate that there could be two people from Universe 7 who survived above the arena to the end.


Obviously, this theory can still be wrong. However, the above image itself is taken from the Fuji TV website (which was first reported by YonkouProductions, a highly-trusted twitter user for the spoiler popular anime issues such as Dragon Ball Boruto and One Piece ). So, this theory is still possible.

Dragon Ball Super episode 131 will air on March 25, 2018.

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