Speculation One Piece: Is this Charlotte Charlotte Smoothie Lie?

Neither who watches the anime One Piece nor who only reads his manga must have known: almost every important member of the Big Mom family harbored lies.


For example: Charlotte Cracker lied to the world about his appearance and fighting ability. Charlotte Pudding lied to people by hiding psychological problems and her third eye. Charlotte Katakuri did not reveal her hobby and mouth shape to anyone.

Basically, yes, almost all Big Mom family members do take care of the image. Some do it on their own will, some are so intent not to be hated by the mother.

But what about Charlotte Smoothie?

Until the manga chapter 895, Charlotte Smoothie lies have not been shown. The reason is, despite having a higher prey value than Cracker, Big Mom's daughter has not been much highlighted. When going to deal with Brook, even Big Mom itself is down. The Katakuri then faces Luffy. The new Smoothie poses a real threat to the Straw Hat crew in chapter 892, where he, Charlotte Citron, and Charlotte Cinnamon continue to hunt for Sunny, helping Perospero focus on following Big Mom.

Smoothie then shows his power picture in chapter 894.

Remember how Smoothie can squeeze out liquid from anything? (Including humans and stones). It seems that Smoothie can also do the opposite: he absorbs fluid to his own body to increase his size. Seeing the water droplets in his sword, Smoothie also seems to be able to launch the liquid as a sharp projectile. If only there were no navigation command from Nami and Jinbe's expertise as a helmsman, his cut could have cut Thousand Sunny from afar.

This makes the author think of exciting possibilities: what if Charlotte Smoothie's lie is that he covers his true body shape?

If the shape of the foot hell probably already can not be done, considering Smoothie's father should be from the Kaki Panjang. But what if the real body of Smoothie, albeit with long legs, is much shorter than the size of the body it shows now? (about five meters, parallel to the Katakuri). Between that or the original body between the more fat or thinner than he showed.

This will make Smoothie bury the problem of not confident with his true body, just like Pudding and his third eye and Katakuri with the original shape of his mouth.

Is it true that Charlotte Smoothie lies? For the answer hell, it seems Oda will reveal it in the near future. Especially since it should be a trio of Smoothie, Citron, and Cinnamon will eventually be fought either by Germa 66 or the Straw Hats crew.

What do you think? Does Charlotte Smoothie keep a lie? Or is he, different from Katakuri, Cracker, and Pudding, quite transparent in presenting who he is? Convey in the comment field!

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