"Sorry For That Drawing Boruto Is Not Masashi Kishimoto"


Through an illustrator Boruto Mikio Ikemoto expressed his apologies to the fan Naruto because his drawing style was different from that of Masashi Kishimoto!

Even since it was still an announcement, many fans were quite surprised when looking at the style of the image on the manga Boruto that differed considerably from Naruto . After being traced, it turns out that the manga of Boruto will be done by assistant Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, and his story will be done by Ukyo Kodachi, author of light novel series Naruto


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Although Masashi Kishimoto gave strict supervision to the Boruto story, but enough fans were giving criticism to Mikio Ikemoto's image style. The fans felt that this style of Ikemoto's image was considered terrible and strange.

Apparently, this is realized by Ikemoto. He also apologized in an interview with BFMTV, a French television channel. His apologies he conveyed together with the answer when asked: "How to make Boruto ? What's the most difficult thing in making this character compared to Naruto ? "

Here's the answer Mikio Ikemoto:

"When first authorized serialization Boruto Kishimoto- san gave me an advice: 'Do as you please, without having to make it similar or impose to resemble Naruto's image style . Even if you try it, this manga will never be similar. It's no use giving you this series if you just imitate. '

"In other words, I apologize to the fan Naruto because it was not Kishimoto- san who drew it. But, because I have been entrusted to work on this series, I strive to produce the best while following my feelings and being responsible for what I have made.

"For that reason I have mentioned that, I have not felt any difficulty when making Boruto . But I am still far from the quality of the image that can make me satisfied, so I'm still trying to give the best according to my ability. "

So there it is, although the drawing style is very different from Kishimoto, but the creator Naruto entrusted entirely Boruto to Ikemoto. Ikemoto also said that although Kishimoto did not draw Boruto outright, but Kishimoto oversaw the manga-making is strictly-the same is also pronounced by Ukyo Kodachi-he often gives even corrections in Ikemoto's depiction.

Ikemoto was also briefly questioned about the opening scene in the Boruto series which shows an adult Boruto against Kawaki. He explains that the scene is Kishimoto's idea. However, because his idea came out unexpectedly, he did not have time to think about a good design for the mature Boruto. So, there's a chance the design will change later.

Changes in image styles are commonplace in serial followings performed by different mangaka. Although fans seem to disagree (initially or even forever), but the original mangaka will mostly say the same thing to their successors that they must find and use their own image style without being tied to the original series.

The same was also made by Akira Toriyama to Toyotaro when he first worked on Dragon Ball Super .


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