"Son of Whitebeard" Weevil Will Take Important Role in the Next Arc?

Edward Weevil became one of the characters that caught the attention of many fans One Piece since it first appeared in chapter 802 . This one Shichibukai member is referred to as the son of Edward Newgate or known as Whitebeard. Regardless of whether or not he's Whitebeard's son, Eiichiro Oda said that this Weevil character would be a cool character, you know!

In a Grand Talk Show held on August 23, 2017 in Japan, Oda and his editor, Sugita, engage in an interesting conversation about Weevil. Told that the two had been talking about a new character "very cool". Hearing this, of course Sugita became excited.

Then, Oda also sends the character design of "Whitebeard boy" to Sugita. Seeing the strange design, Sugita was shocked and silently said: " What !? Does he really think that this character is cool? If I tell him that this character is not cool at all, will Oda be angry? "

So what happens next? Continue to page 2!

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