So, Who's Dead at Infinity War? (SPOILER)

Since it first appeared its trailer, a lot of fans were wondering, did anyone die in Avengers: Infinity War ? This question grew even more when the movie was released-and I was also overwhelmed with questions by friends: "who died in Infinity War?". Apparently, many are expecting a dead character in Infinity War huh? Haha.

Well, the question will be answered in this article. So, for those of you who have not watched but are already curious about who died at Infinity War later, you can read this article. But, for those of you who do not want to be hit spoiler then do not continue reading this article.


Unlike Age of Ultron which exhibits the 19459005 dark and is spooky-but the result is sluggish that makes us say: "Already, so doang ? "- Infinity War really showcases what they offer in trailer : a dark and dark tale with the result that … too dark.

From the paragraph above, surely you already know the answer. Yes, there will be characters that die in Infinity War . This movie is completely different from other MCU films because it has ending which dark and also can be spelled bad ending . But, even so, I can guarantee that you will be content to watch it.

Well, the question now is: "How many characters die in Infinity War ?" The answer may surprise you …


Ultimately, Thanos was able to gather the whole Infinity Stones . He also uses it to destroy half the living things that exist in the universe. Yes, half the number of living things that exist in the universe. The death of this living being is also done randomly, so he does not choose who dies and who lives.

Want to know who died at Infinity War ? Continue to page 2!

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