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 Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet "
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Bandai Namco finally tells about [19459007 Sword Art Online ie Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet which will be released on beginning of 2018.

Previously Bandai Namco uploaded a video about # Projekt1514 which contained the war-torn city and the sound of firearms. After some time, Bandai Namco finally announced that # Projeck1514 which is being worked on is the latest series of Sword Art Online Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

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Based on the trailer which is shown, game this takes the story on VRMMO Gun Gale Online where in this game, players use firearms. This game does not refer to us as Kirito as it did to previous series such as Hollow Realization or became Sinon which is the main heroine serial light novel of Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet but game This refers to us as ourselves.

[1945909] This game tells you, one of VRMMO Gun Gale Online players who is trying to be a hero in the game. But of course, to become a hero of course must face a number of challenges. In this game we can also meet the original characters of the Sword Art Online and a number of characters from the [Sword Art Online] previous game series

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<figcaption class= Source: Sword Art Online Video Game
 Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet "width =" 800 "height =" 450 "/> 
<figcaption class= Source: Sword Art Online Video Game

By using the character customization feature, anything and use any weapon. Even so, there is no sign that this game will have features online .

This game will later release on PS4 platform, PS4, XBOX One, and PC and will release as early as 2018. It is not known yet that there will be pre-order sessions and region lock in certain countries. For minimum specifications for PCs also still not been notified.

So, are you guys ready to become a shootshooter in the world Gun Gale Online . Be patient because the year 2018 is also still shortly, really. And remember, do not plow, yes!

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