So cool! It's the 7 Most Expensive Anime that's Budget Production Billions!

The most expensive anime with budget production of billions? Believe it or not, the animated spectacle from Japan that you often watch requires a lot of money to be produced. In fact, an episode of anime alone requires at least 13 million yen.

Of all the anime ever released and aired, these are the 7 most expensive anime with budget production up to billions of yen for you curious anime lovers!


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<p> <em> Gake no Ue no Ponyo </em> or better known as Ponyo is an Studio Ghibli production anime that will open the list of the most expensive anime. Directed by the <em> maestro </em> Hayao Miyazaki, Ponyo premiered in Japan in July 2008. </p>
<p> With <em> budget </em> up to 3.5 billion Yen, Ponyo was awarded numerous awards at the Tokyo Anime Awards, notably <em> Anime of the Year </em> and <em> Best Domestic Feature </em>. </p>
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