Snake Man Not Enough to Stop Katakuri?!

As usual, the discussion One Piece 895 contains spoiler . In fact featured image above was probably classified spoiler . So if you're anti-leak and are still looking for your own manga chapters, you're actually getting into the wrong article.

But if you are already reading and want to remember certain details, or do not mind leaks, please continue reading reviews One Piece 895 below!



Hajrudin Reports First into Buggy

Chapter Leo ends with a startling surprise: it turns out that Tontatta's pirates were given the opportunity to escort King Riku Dold III's ship to the Reverie Council. There are many interesting plot possibilities in Reverie Council, including Monkey D. Dragon and Revolutionary Forces attacks. Therefore, the cover story that initially looks cute and peaceful it seems to be a big influence in the future.


The story of Leo is finished, cover One Piece 895 instead shows the sixth commander: Hajrudin.

Not yet the story of Hajrudin has begun with interesting. For the forgotten, Hajrudin before this was a member of the Buggy pirate group. In submitting his resignation, Hajrudin not only send messages or contact through Den Den Mushi. This chapter shows that he immediately reported himself to Buggy's headquarters!

There are several occasions in the cover story of the Great Straw Hats that could have important effects. Examples are Barto (burning Red Hair pirate flag) and Leo (go to Reverie Council). This Hajrudin action can make Buggy take action. Maybe this would be the reason Buggy, who has so far been satisfied in his position, to try to catch Luffy again?


The Snakeman Debut!

Finally the long-awaited: Gear 4 Snakeman is shown by Luffy!

So what are the advantages of this being? In this chapter, Luffy's attack speed is so fast that Katakuri can get hit before he reacts. Not only that, see what happens in this panel.

After being struck by Luffy's first attack, Katakuri tries to focus and calculates the direction of Luffy's attack with his powerful Kenbunshoku Haki. The effort is useless.

Katakuri can take into account the direction of the attack. But he actually stemmed it in the last moment, surprising himself. Katakuri was still thrown.

The key of Snakeman itself is the ability of Luffy's hand (whose fist to be like a snake's head) to snaker more sharply and quickly than when he was in the form of Bounce Man. Oh, and though it is twisting as Luffy's arms are also moving very fast. This technique is practically true counter which is fitting for Kenbunshoku Haki Katakuri.

Although not shown, the author himself feels Luffy is using his Kenbunshoku Haki in this technique, so he can anticipate Katakuri movements. Previously, Luffy had tried to take advantage of Kenbunshoku Haki and fight as usual. But the superior power of Katakuri makes the effort vain. Now, in this way Luffy can beat Katakuri more effectively.

Katakuri still not lost ?! Continued discussion One Piece 895 can you read on the second page!

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