Smash Them! 5 The Martial Manga It Has a Stance Out of Reason

Manga with various martial themes, ranging from futuristic themes, ancient to the present. The author collects 5 manga martial arts with the most magical stance but still realistic, this is an example.

True self-defense is always the main attraction of every action manga on the market. His martial arts methods are also very diverse, from a mere fight of ordinary moments, to the ones flying into the sky and racing the dragon who is the largest and radiant.

Here the author gives little restriction on martial arts to be discussed. Martial arts in the martial manga to be discussed are those that do not contain an element of exaggerated wonders but are still difficult to grasp.

The exaggerated miracle itself is like an example: once the enemy body can decompose like an apem that is crushed by a mangosteen truck, or just by extending a hand to the front then there is a tremendous hurricane whose scale can devastate a small sub-district in the Dieng mountains.


The martial manga to be discussed here also has the tendency of fighting between a character based on a tournament, or a fair and civilized one-on-1 fight even though it will surely lead to loss of life or self-esteem as a fighter.

All right, out of many talents, we'd better get to our main subject, here it is:

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Ashura I immediately put in the first place because the author has a resemblance to the main character was reading solemnly this magic manga manga. Ashura tells the story of a fighter named Tokita Ohma who started his adventure in a dark tournament called Kengan Annihilation Tournament which was initiated by the bosses of big companies in Japan.

In this tournament Tokita Ohma meets a diverse range of fighters with exceptional levels of magical abilities, but they have a basic martial art that, if reasonably thought, can still be applied in real life. What is not real is how people or fighters in it apply these moves.

Tokita Ohma himself is very strong and able to finish off his opponent with a posture far above him, best part from him is he can simulate a fight within his subconscious to then study his opponent's movements.

There is also Adam Dudley from the United States who once beat up the opponent until wrecked into a truck like made of tofu. Not to forget there are fighters from Africa, who turned out to be blind, but like Daredevil he has a remarkable sonar ability.

This manga is still in status on going for the English version of chapter 109, but for you who can or understand the Vietnamese language this manga has reached chapter 228. Tokita Ohma in Kengan Annihilation Tournament faces enemies which is no less ruthless and mighty than he is.

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