Six Strongest Sand Jutsu Users! Gaara and Shinki Who's Strength? Check Here!

In the world of anime and manga Naruto we know one of the most powerful or unique Jutsu, and not everyone is able to use it, the technique of using the Sand Jutsu

Actually this is a Magnet element anyway, but we call it Jutsu Pasir considering the first character shown using it is Gaara with its sand technique, so that Magnet element is better known in Indonesia with Jutsu Pasir

Okay, how many are the Jutsu Pasir users? Then, the order from the weakest to the strongest anyone? Check out the list of strongest Jutsu Pasir users below!

Shinki is a gifted child, we have to admit it. At his young age, he was able to control the iron sand, which is a technique Jutsu Sand somewhat rare.

Nevertheless, he is still small at the moment, so comparing five people on this list to Shinki who is a Genin, obviously ranked 6 is already great.

Shinki still has not been able to determine the right decision, besides, he also lacks experience, wants it to experience in the original battle, as well as experience in life.

It's true that shinki is bigger than Gaara, his father, but still for now, being sixth for Shinki is enough. Should there be "Boruto: Shippuden" and Shinki evolve into a much more powerful and powerful character, it seems like he can enter the big four.


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<p> Kajura is a special character that only appears in the novel only. Nevertheless, Kajura remains a Jutsu Pasir controller, and has a unique and interesting ability. </p>
<p> If other sand users use the sand powder as a weapon, Kajura actually uses it as a protective suit, or some sort of <em> large </em> armor! </p>
<p> Remarkably again, Kajura controls the Raiton Jutsu or lightning, so not only his strong defense, but his assault as well. </p>
<p> Unfortunately, these Ishigakure terrorists were defeated by Kankuro and captured. </p>
<h4> <strong> What about all four other Sand Jutsu users? Check the second page! </strong> </h4>
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