Similarities Between Chunin Naruto Exam and Chūnin Exam Boruto! Fanservice For Old Enthusiasts!

Many compare the Chūnin Naruto exam and the Chūnin Boruto exam. According to the fans, there are some differences, which makes the Chūnin Boruto exam feel very easy when compared to the Naruto era.

The author himself does not deny that the Chūnin Boruto test feels easier than Chūnin Naruto's exam, but there are some similarities here, which make old fans like getting their old memories.

What are the similarities between the Chūnin Naruto exam and the Chūnin Boruto exam? Immediately check out the list below!

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<p> Not only dangerous, but also mysterious. Gaara's team image and Shinki's team from Sunagakure are both made with a very strong impression. </p>
<p> In the era of Naruto, Gaara's team is portrayed as a team that "if you can avoid" if you meet them in the forest of death, because the answer is clear, Gaara will kill you there. </p>
<p> In the era of Boruto, Gaara's own son Shinki has a role more or less similar to Gaara, who is seen and considered dangerous by other contestants. </p>
<p> The difference here, Gaara is more psychotic due to pressure from Kazekage, and also Shukaku who is in his body. While Shinki, he looks more relaxed, mature, but still dangerous. </p>
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Of course the difference is their era of growth. Gaara grew up in an era of war, where power is everything, and if the person is weak, then he will be killed.

While the Shinki era, because he was born in the era of peace, seems unlikely in the Chunin era of Boruto to be allowed to kill. Why not kill?

Now here, the five great villages have been peaceful without conflict, if any great child of one of the villages is killed by a fighter from another village, it is clear the answer is only one, that is grudge, and finally born a new hatred chain, and the war in the Boruto era back turbulent.

Apparently, there are some battles in the Chūnin Boruto exam that are similar to the fight in the Naruto era, and not just one bout! Whose fight is that? Check on the second page!

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