Side Effects of Ultra Instinct Revealed! How Goku Can Overcome It Yes?

Jiren is one of the strongest creatures in the multisemesta Dragon Ball Super . He supposedly once defeated Belmod, the God of the Destruction of the Universe 11, in a duel. The power that he showed in the recent times Dragon Ball Super proves that the news is not just nonsense. If only he had been serious from the start, maybe the tournament had ended very quickly.

Well, to fight this Jiren Goku achieve the form of Ultra Instinct Perfect. Unmitigated, Dragon Ball Super 130 asserts that the power of Ultra Instinct Perfect even exceeds Jiren. If it's like this, Goku could have won against the god of destruction that remains after the tournament ends.

It seems to make Goku so unlikely overpowered an Ultra Instinct side effect was described in yesterday's episode.

Actually, in the last episode Whis also mentions how dangerous a mortal reaches the power level of the god. In short, the energy consumed by the user's body will be much greater. His fatigue was even greater. It is proven after Goku takes time to use power up again after Ultra Instinct is not perfect the first time he uses face Jiren. Had Frieza not contributed energy, Goku's recovery could have been much slower.


After fighting against Kefla even Goku takes time until he can exert his power ups again. This new Ultra Instinct is not perfect, which has not yet fully tread into the realm of god power.

Once Goku reaches Ultra Instinct Perfect, Ultra Instinct's side effects are so devastating that she is suddenly paralyzed with nothing. Almost Jiren eliminates it.

Analysis on the side effects of Ultra Instinct, why Jiren is not affected even though he also uses god-level power, to how Goku can overcome this weakness you can read below!

Trigger Side Effects Ultra Instinct

It seems that Ultra Instinct does have time limit . Duration is very, very short. Indeed if in the world we fight Ultra Instinct Perfect Goku against Jiren starting from the end of episode 129 and continues until the end of episode 130. But in the world Dragon Ball itself this duel only happened approximately about 1-2 minutes, or even sooner, considering it's almost time for the tournament to end.

What is the actual duration of Ultra Instinct? According to the author, Goku might be able to keep it for longer. (Maybe five minutes). But there are several factors that hinder it:

-He has used Ultra Instinct not perfect twice. Each one still consumes an all-out stamina.

-Goku actually can not move since episode 128. He can fight again and fight Jiren arguably due to donation of Vegeta. The energy donation seems to have been completely drained in episode 130.

-According to the author, Goku seems to absorb more of his energies as he wrath Jiren tries to attack the stands of the audience. His movements became faster and stronger, until he finally paralyzed Jiren.

What about Jiren? Is not he also mortal who uses god-level power? Continued discussion of Ultra Instinct Perfect side effects can you check on the second page!

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