Should Naruto Make Peace Agreement with Otsutsuki?

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Should Naruto and Otsutsuki make a peace treaty? So what? Then what can happen if they do not make a peace treaty?

Anime and manga stories Naruto which continues into the story Boruto seems to have an enemy whose location is very far away, namely the main family of Otsutsuki which lies somewhere in which dimension.

Can there be war between Shinobi Earth and Otsutsuki's main family? Attracting the great events of the era Naruto to the Boruto era, this two-dimensional warfare could have occurred.

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Back to the discussion, why should Naruto and Otsutsuki have to make a peace treaty? There are several causes and bad effects if they do not do it immediately. We start from the cause first.



Several Times Earth Attacked



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<p> If your house was made up for damage by someone, would you just let it go? Of course not, and this is the natural action that Shinobi Earth will take if Otsutsuki again disrupts the Earth. </p>
<p> There are several events of Otsutsuki disrupting the Earth, which Earth itself never interferes with Otsutsuki. </p>
<p> First is the Kaguya incident that had an impact on the great war of the Fourth World Ninja War. Surely from this battle, there are many dead Shinobi Earth's lives. </p>
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Next there is a Toneri attack that wants to drop the Moon to Earth, and still continues, namely Momoshiki, Kinshiki (and Urashiki in the anime) that will attack Earth, interfere with Chuunin exam, and absorb Chakra from people on Earth who have big Chakra .

Not close the possibility, the next attack will occur, and form a chain of hatred. Because Naruto strongly hates the chain of hatred, then he must take the path of peace with Otsutsuki.

What impact is good and bad if Naruto and Otsutsuki do not make peace treaty? Check out the next page!

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