Shocking! Vegeta Hajar Jiren Without Ultra Instinct at Preview Dragon Ball Super 122!


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<h4> Still remember how Jiren ignores Super Saiyan Blue Goku attacks? Apparently Vegeta more powerful. <em> Preview </em> <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 122 Show Vegeta hajar Jiren without the need to reach Ultra Instinct! </h4>
<p> Okay, now it's obvious already. Fan Vegeta should not miss watching <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 122. Previously circulated <em> spoiler </em> if Vegeta will probably achieve a new power form in the upcoming episode. Yet even though </em> the spoiler </em> was a prank <em> preview </em> for episode 122 indicates that he has certainly scored a remarkable achievement. </p>
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See picture Vegeta hajar Jiren above? That's not the result of edits. Jiren, who is able to ignore and withstand Super Saiyan Blue Goku attacks (including Spirit Bomb) was successfully beaten to pain by Vegeta's kick

We need to look forward to how Vegeta can do this. For now Vegeta is indeed driven by his promise to revive Universe 6, so it's no wonder he's more focused than Goku.


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If you ask: "Why with Goku?" You must remember that when questioned by Ribrianne before, she was not sure what to ask for Super Dragon Ball. He really only focuses on the fight in the tournament.

Vegeta already has a clear motivation. This motivation can even be considered very noble, because the billions of souls at Universe 6 will be indebted to him.

So, is Vegeta's picture above Jiren could be a clue that Vegetalah will defeat the strongest Universe 11 fighters?

Honestly, Writers Are Pretty Curious Vegeta Threatened Uncovered

But on the other hand, the author actually suspects that Vegeta is even threatened to be eliminated.

In the story Dragon Ball before this, Vegeta is sometimes shown showing off his strength to his enemy. But because of ego or miscalculation, the ends of it precisely so monthly and must be saved by Goku.

Given the fate of Vegeta who is like that, and the main hero Dragon Ball Super remains Goku, Dragon Ball Super preview 122 this could have been just trying to give false hope to the Vegeta fan.

One of the darkest possibilities for Vegeta is he successfully urged Jiren with Super Saiyan Blue, but Jiren finally decided seriously and activated his Ki.

When Jiren deploys his Ki, he is able to beat Goku who has run out of energy for Ultra Instinct. If Jiren also deploys his Ki against Vegeta, Vegeta can be replaced behind.

Not only that, Vegeta can also be targeted to be harmed by Frieza.

What's wrong with Frieza? Check the follow-up discussion on the second page!


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