Shocking, Moegi Kazamatsuri Apparently Descendants Clan Senju!?


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<h4 style= Surprising facts unfold in manga Boruto Vol 4: Konohamaru's friend, Moegi Kazamatsuri, turns out to be a member of the Senju clan !? Really?

Manga Boruto is now entering volume 4. And, like the previous volumes, in manga volume 4 is also shown statistics of the characters of Boruto . Well, uniquely, Moegi Kazamatsuri's statistics turns out to say that kunoichi one is mastering the Wood Elements, you know!

For those of you who have forgotten, Moegi Kazamatsuri was Konohamaru's team mate when he was a child. In Boruto himself, he became a Jounin and teacher of his team consisting of: Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho. This character alone is rarely highlighted during the Naruto series but appears to be having a significant role in Boruto .

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<p style= Well, as I mentioned earlier, Moegi is referred to as a ninja who controls Wood Elements. The wood element itself is quite unique because it is the Kekkei Genkai-an exclusive technique that is only controlled by a certain Shinobi.

This is quite unique because, as I recall, it was only Hashirama the First Hokage who mastered the Wood Elements naturally-something truly exclusive, not even owned by his sister, the Second Hokage.

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Also, if any character outside the Senju clan controls the Wood Element, then the character: implanted / planted Hashirama cells to his body (eg, Yamato and Danzo), or possessed the power of the Juubi, or the offspring of Otsutsuki.

In retrospect, it seems impossible if Moegi infuses Hashirama's cells into his body. If so, it's hard to imagine this one character is capable of using it in his body. Moreover, seeing from the case of Yamato, this Hashirama cell proved dangerous if it did not fit the body of its users.

As of this writing itself, there is still no information as to the relationship between Moegi and Hashirama. Nor is it mentioned that Moegi uses certain tools, such as Kote. So, most likely Moegi controls the Kekkei Genkai wood element naturally. In other words, he has a distant family relationship with Hashirama.

Of course, this can still be speculation-it can be true, it can go wrong. What do you think, how?



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