Shizuma Hoshigaki Preparing to Start the War!


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<h4> Shizuma Hoshigaki has been revealed to restart the war between Kirigakure and Konohagakure. Discussion <em> Boruto </em> this 28th episode highlights the reason! </h4>
<p> Discussion <em> Boruto </em> episode 28 clearly contains <em> spoiler </em>. So for those who do not want to get leaked, it is not recommended to continue reading this review. </p>
<p> Then where can you watch? One of the legal services you can use yes <em> Crunchyroll </em>. If you use the paid service, you can watch it at the same time as this episode in Japan. </p>
<p> If you've been watching and want to make sure not to miss the interesting details, or do not mind <em> spoiler </em>discussion <em> Boruto </em> episode 28 you can see below. </p>
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The plan of Shizuma

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From preview it's been revealed that Shizuma wants to start a big war. He objected to the peace agreement that tried to be composed between Hi no Kuni and Mizu no Kuni. He also said that Kirigakure peace is now created because of dirty tactics, such as Chojuro destroying notes of troubled clans (such as Hoshigaki) and using assassins.

Even so, it really feels like Shizuma is not the type who wants war for a noble cause. He is only bloodthirsty.

Then how does Shizuma want to start this war? Apparently there is one easy solution, which happened to be with Kagura when Shizuma revealed his plan. He was left to kill the son of the Konoha Hokage.

Ultimately, Kagura rejects the plan. But Shizuma did not seem to mind, indicating he had other plans.


Seven Swordsman Blood Mist

From the beginning, Boruto alone was hard to win from Shizuma. The reason Shizuma is shinobi who has even been appointed to train ninja candidates, including Kagura, first. Shizuma proves that by overcoming all Boruto tricks.

Maybe Boruto can win when Jougan or whatever the name of his mysterious eye can re-rise. But it did not happen. Since this is also Boruto before the fight against Momoshiki, Shizuma can also defeat Boruto.

Even if Boruto can trouble Shizuma, the other five swordsmen recruited by Shizuma are also there. Boruto's only hope to win is only Kagura, but Kagura instead follows Shizuma as the seventh member of the Seven Sword Experts Blood Mist Village .

Of course the Boruto episode 28 did not get there alone. Check the sequel on the second page!


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