Shinobi Iri, Ninja Road Technique for Stalking and Silently Infiltrate

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<h4 style= Shinobi Iri is a very thick ninja road technique with a Ninja, a technique that lurks and infiltrate secretly. Check out the following Ninjapedia!

What is the characteristic of a Ninja other than a Shuriken weapon and running on the wall? Of course it is a technique of infiltrating quietly, or sneaking. In fact, the meaning of the word Shinobi ( 忍 び ) alone means to sneak quietly

The task of a Ninja is to commit a silent murder, and leave no trace whatsoever, so the Ninja is different from a Samurai of his time. Then, what is the name of the technique infiltrate secretly a la Ninja?

The technique is called Shinobi Iri. Ninjas are required to enter and exit from somewhere quickly and quietly, naturally because of this, a Ninja is obliged to rule this technique.

Shinobi Iri allows the Ninja to walk silently, get into a place quickly, and be able to perform various other night activities that are not known by their target. Shinobi Iri Technique also has some special techniques, here are the techniques.

Nyukyo no Jutsu

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<p style= With this technique, the Ninjas are taught to enter the enemy base quietly, without any noise, and certainly quietly. The Ninja can enter the enemy headquarters in various ways.

Every headquarters, or a particular location, as tight as any of its defenses, there must be a gap in there. The Ninja's role is here to stay calm about each part of the base, until finally finding the entrance gap.

If not find a gap, the Ninja can also mingle with enemy members, such as wearing the same clothes, yet remain calm and not perform any suspicious movements.


Joei-on Jutsu

If it has made it into the opponent's headquarters, what should the Ninja do? They will go to the targeted location, such as the room of the high officials, as well as the secret place. They will use the Joei-on Jutsu technique to launch this action.

With the Joei-on Jutsu technique, the Ninja must "control" the light as well as the sound. Meaning here, they should be able to keep the light source between Ninja and the guard here. They should be able to look for dark places to blend with the light around, and not be aware of by the guard.

For a voice, they must move as calmly and also as gently as possible. There can be no sound coming out of the mouth or the movements of a Ninja while on duty. Can also anticipate this by moving some distance from the guard.

If caught, what should a Ninja do? Check the next page, because there is still another explanation Shinobi Iri!

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